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Bad Fuel? What are the chances?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by JP, Sep 11, 2008.

  1. I filled up at the Caltex in Unanderra this afternoon then went for a ride up Macquarie Pass and back. I pulled up at the bottom to check my phone and noticed that the engine was idling a bit rough. Put it in first and let the clutch out a bit and it went dead :shock:. Started it up again, engine still idling a bit rough. Let it idle for a bit, giving it some revs when it sounded like it might die. Gave it a bit more throttle and and pulled away. When I got back home everything seemed ok...So possibly bad fuel? Something in the fuel that got caught in the fuel filter? The bike has been trouble free so far and it had a minor service 500km ago. Thoughts anyone?

  2. if it got caught in the filter(assuming the filter isnt clogged) there is little chance that it was bad fuel.
    however, it isn't impossible for a bit of shit to get through. though, rather than instantly blame bad fuel (everyone does this :roll: ) have a look in your tank, check the filter, and it could also have just been an environmental factor, considering you went up the pass and back. a hot engine can cause fuel to evaporate pre-ignition and do funny things.
  3. You may have got a small particle of dirt under one of you float needles that was subsequently flushed. It's not uncommon.
  4. as far as bad fuel goes.. what it can do aside.. i have been a victim twice and both from caltex. once for the car... had to be emptied and then once for the bike.. lucky was only a few litres to get home and ditched that also... were both something to do with the octane and clouds and things.
    and they use shale oil..
  5. FWIW, jp86, my Tiger's been really grumpy the last few days; running rich, stalling too easily.

    I blame Wollongong weather! :LOL:
  6. It's a Pommie bike :!: :?
  7. Well I'll take it for a ride today (such nice weather!) and use up most of the fuel then fill up at BP. Hopefully yesterdays symptoms go away :)