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Bad fuel or carby probs?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by thecptn, Oct 27, 2005.

  1. Today I was riding about, than I noticed my bike started to bogg down as if it was runing out of fuel and really have some power problem, it was starting to cut out, so I put the clutch in, and the motor just died! so I pulled to the side of the road, and tried to start it, it started than died again, rinse repeat 3 times until it kicked over, so at this point I figure the carby was just flooded, so I took off, than a little while latter it happened again, this time it was much harder, it would refuse to fire over, I tried choke, prime, adding more gas, nadda, so i took my helmet off and pushed her a few miles.

    Than I reached a hill, it was too much for me, so I tried again and again and again! and than it fired over! I let it idle for a while as I was trying to undo my helmet from the holder under the seat, than it died as if it was switched off, crap, so I do it again, it fires up, I quickly take off and it goes for a few miles and again, starts boging down and dies again, I push it to a footpath and I wait, (kudos to the kind lady in the house who gave me a bottle of water :) ) it finally fired over again, and I make it to fuel station and fill it with 98 octane premium fuel, I start it up and it fires up one start, I rode around for 40 minutes with out a miss beat, could it of been the 91 octane fuel before? or some carb problem?

  2. if it runs fine with the 98 fuel but not the 91 fuel, i'd have to assume it was the 91 fuel

    carb problem will happen either way, unless it has been leaned out so much that it wont run on 91
  3. Doubt it could have been the octane rating causing that. In fact most recommend not to use high octane fuels.

    Carry a small plug spanner with you for a while, if it happens again, rip a plug out and see what it's like (black 'n wet = flooding)

    I reckon it sounds more like leaning out or starving, were you on reserve?
    or low on fuel and still on the main setting?

    "Vapour lock" caused by fuel overheating in the lines gives similar symptoms, as will blocked filter.

  4. You do get bad batches of fuel. Fresh fuel, whatever the octane, solves the problem.

    Sometimes you get droplets of water in the carb that block the main jet. Normal treatment is a dose of meths which dissolves the droplets. Then you take a shot of meths with ice and lemon to celebrate.
  5. Well for the fuel question, I reckon there was at least 2 or so litres left in there, which should of been enough and it was on on for the fuel tap, Ill have a look at the plugs..

  6. 2 litres is reserve on my bike, (and a fair few bikes as far as I know)

    That means the normal "on" position will have the fuel pickup starting to drag a bit of air as well, giving exactly those symptoms, and getting steadily worse.

    Filling it up fixed it. Most likely switching to "reserve", and therefore the lower fuel pickup, would have fixed it as well. Or it would have picked up all the crap from the bottom of the tank :shock: