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Bad form Yamaha?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by OzWiz, Jan 18, 2011.

  1. Hey all. I've been watching and reading the posts in this forum for years now and thought I would post something that has recently got me a bit cranky!

    12 months ago I got my learners and went to buy a bike. I bought a yamaha yzf-r125. It cost me $7000 and the the guys at the dealership assured me it was a quality bike and that it would hold it's value as a learner legal bike. At the time I lived 5 minutes from work and the top speed limit was 60, so it seemed like a good bike for that first 12 months.

    Now I've got my opens I went back to Yamaha to get the bike I always wanted and was told that my bike is now worth nothing as a trade-in as it is being replaced next month by the Yzf-r15, which has more power and is $3000 cheaper!!!!

    This really does not seem fair. I'm happy to take the loss from new to used and the greater loss trading-in versus private sale, but to lose that much money due to a company blatantly screwing over a customer is really quite infuriating.

    I know if Holden released a new, more powerful Commodore for $10000 less than the old one there would be riots!!!

    I'm not sure what, if anything, I can do about this but I just wanted some opinions and a chance to vent.

    The end result is that I'm stuck with a bike that I no longer want with a much lower value than I owe. Yeah, not happy.

    Thanks for listening.

  2. The new one is $4k? That a cheaper than the Honda by a lot. Sounds like that is a lie to get you to accept a cheap price for trade in.

    You always lose in trade in sell it privately is the best bet.
  3. full comprehensive insurance ? Leave it in a carpark or dodgy alleyway and you will soon get a payout close to original cost , minus excess....
  4. Check the yamaha web site. It's in the news section. It's no lie.
  5. The reason for the difference in price is simple. The 125 was designed and built in Europe, the new 150 is designed and built in India.
  6. I know, but who is going to pay more for a second hand 125 over a brand new 150 of the same make regardless of the country of origin...
  7. i would.

    name a good vehicle that was designed and built in india.
  8. If it's not the same one they are still trying to drill you down on price.

    Advertise it privately.
  9. Don't Tata trucks race in the Dakar?
  10. No one. Which is why they told you the bike is worthless. Most people will probably just assume the new bike is "Japanese", much like with the Thai CBR125.

    Frankly I'm amazed anyone bought a YZF125 new given the 250 Ninja was the same price, and that you can already get a Taiwanese 125 brand new for only $2,000.
  11. haha nooo thats tatra which is czech. tata made the telcoline. which was a fail.

    but back on track, theres hardly any difference between the bikes at a wikipedia glance, except for one is from india and looked to be based on their silly 150cc shat-boxes.
  12. Yep, meet one of the 7 people who did buy one. Nice to meet you. Does that excuse them pretending we don't exist and just looking out for themselves? I know, I know... why would they even care? really?
  13. Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle
    So it's not that they can't design/build, it's that they don't need to.

    Back on topic seems to be a bit of a trend with Yamaha of late. First there was the thread about them selling bikes supposedly learner legal, but which aren't - now they're also screwing owners of their other learner bikes as well. I wonder if they just don't care about repeat business, or if it's just that they think people will still buy their R6/1s no matter how they're treated.
  14. That's what I'm saying... Thanks for understanding
  15. hate to say this

    Yamaha should have put the wr250x engine in the r125 chassis

    sorry to hear of your plight
  16. they can't have known that a new, very much cheaper model, was on the way; they sold to you in good faith and you bought on the same basis
  17. Like pretty much everyone else, you will learn from your first bike buying experience. Harsh lesson tho.

  18. not very smart advice, have you ever wonderd why our insurance is so high?

    WIZ, salesmen will tell you the bike is made of gold just to get your money, they dont care about you, they care for the cash, next time, dont believe nothing they tell you and do your own research, 9 times out of 10, after a bit of research u will know more than what the salesman knows