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Bad experience with DECA Training

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by wallyt99, Feb 2, 2006.

  1. I just thought I was share an experience I had with DECA training so as you might be more well informed.

    I made a booking with Motorcycle motion for this Saturday, However I checked the DECA website, and they had sunday available. I therefore cancelled my saturday booking with MM.

    Upon calling DECA the next day to arrange payment...I was told my Booking, in the Online Booking system....was not actually a Booking but an "Enquiry" and that the class was booked out! :evil:

    I spoke to the state manager and asked if he could match the price of motorcycle motion for another day as I had cancelled my booking with them, but he wouldnt budge

    "It wasnt a booking it was an 'enquiry'. "

    ....I promptly hung up on him
    and Called Motorcycle motion who were very friendly and booked me in again in their first possible class.

    I say STAY AWAY from DECA!
  2. Sounds like user error to me.
  3. Thanks Wallyt99 ... good information to be aware of.

    That said, you could have become a Netrider member and then looked at the list of Discount Partners and flashed your membership discount to get a 10% discount of course at one of 4 (2 in Melbourne) training providers listed on that page.

    I have also heard nothing but good feedback from Motorcycle Motion. It's where I got both my learners and license from 10+ years ago, so they've been around a long time.
  4. :shock: That's shit service. Which DECA centre was it?

    I've had a totally different experience with the Sheparton DECA. I've done 5 driving course with them, a 1 day course with my bike L's test and another 1 day course with my bike licence test their.

    I never had a problem. I found the whole process of booking, intructors expertise and advice to be exceptional. Each time was an entirly enjoyable and education experience. I'm not discrediting your story, just pointing out how different peoples experiences can be. :)
  5. My girlfriend recently got her L's from motorcycle motion. They were fantastic, same as when I got my L's. I got my licence at ridetek who were nothing short of fabolous :)
  6. I got my L's at altona DECA, the instructer was nice and not too strict (he even gave us hints and clues for the answers in the test :grin: )