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bad ending, good day

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by enzise, Oct 22, 2006.

  1. well today i succesfully completed the p's course on annangrove road sydney, big thank you to the instructor they really know what they goin on about.

    but bit embarrasing when i left i was driving home all happy and feeling good about myself for being a competent rider and getting my p's then bike loses all power, manage to pull into servo and it dies on me.


    lukily i knew wat to do and soon had the bike back up and running.
    but just goes to show i now have my p's but still got a long way to go to shake the noob tag off lol.
  2. first - congrats!

    second - HA HA :p
  3. Hey congrats mate. Well done.

    With the fuel tap - excuse me cause i've never had a bike with a tap - but is it really necessary to turn the tap off everytime you stop?
  4. Congrats. I did mine out there a couple of weeks ago. The instructor that I had was wayne he was really good. He really put the nerves at ease. :grin:

    I'm sure you not the only one with the fuel thing, I've done it a couple of times on the fzx. :oops:

    Anyway well done see you out there.
    Cheers Lou :grin: :grin:
  5. No, depends on the type - some are a vacuum design which you don't have to. Your tank doesn't have any tap? No reserve?
  6. Well done mate, it's an easy mistake to make you'l get used to it,
    my bike doesn't have a fuel tap and reserve is automatic(flashing red LCD tells me I've got 30k's left hope I don't miss it), takes a while getting used to it. You probably forgot because you had a lot on your mind passing the test and all.

    Good luck :grin:
  7. Nup, the Hyo has no reserve, just a fuel guage. The dealer told me that aparently the factory decided that the switch wasnt necessary cause you know how much is left in the tank from the guage. Unfortunately it is an average indication and i have to go on km travelled rather than what is indicated.
  8. Congrats. :beer:

    When commuting few years ago parked a KR250 in the shed. And it took me an hour the next day to work out it had just run out of fuel as I parked it.
  9. congrats.

    ive run out of fuel before so you arent the only one .
    luckily cruised to a servo in sight
  10. Congrats & guess what I know just when to turn my fuel tap on by the landmarks from all my regular haunts as my bike runs out at the same place every time I forget!

    That's when I remember a voice from the dark ages of my L's test saying "FINK" Fuel, Ignition, Neutral, Kill switch" Somewhere I seem to have substituted choke for Fuel! lol!
  11. Congrats!!

    Fuel is a problem sometimes lol. I glided about 200 meters to a fuel station tonight cause my scooter ran out of fuel.. Damn small tank!!
  12. It was very embarrassing when I lanesplit to a stop in front of all the traffic
    and the big fat cruiser I was on suddenly died without any warning at
    all, just as the light went green.

    It was so sudden I thought it was electrical instead of fuel, because
    with fuel it usually runs weak for a few seconds to a minute. Anyhow
    after 60 seconds of blocking up the traffic I figured it out, took me
    another 30 seconds to find the b*****y fuel tap.

    Don't feel like a noob, it happens to us all now and again.
  13. heh heh, I've hit 'reserve' a couple of times when I've been just about to smoke someone off the lights, tres embarrassing :LOL:
    Congrats on the Ps anyway, Niall, enjoy the next twelve months coveting big bikes :grin:
  14. Congrats on P's and your first learning experience - trust me there will be a lot more.
  15. I thought this was going to be one of those... I got my P's and on the way home dropped my bike and an 18 wheeler ran over it story :)

    Congrats on getting your P's and don't worry about forgetting your fuel switch, just get yourself an EFI as soon as your off restrictions. :)
  16. thanks for all the support....

    all the stories of the more experienced ridrers forgetting the fuel swithc really does make me feel better.. fingers crossed i wont forget it again. but im sure sum day i will. just hope its not in rush hour traffic with heaps of cars behind me.
  17. Well, I've not had that happen to me, but I've stalled at lights by mistreating the clutch. However I've been riding behind an experienced rider of 20 years, good friend of mine and he stalled at a roundabout, and I wondered what was up, later he told me he forgot the fuel tap :LOL: :LOL:

    Yeah mate, it happens, we all make mistakes, don't worry about it too much, I'm sure I'll forget the fuel tap at one stage, although I only turn it off when I'm finished with the bike for the night.

    Oh wait, I have forgotten it, one day just as I was departing, I got around the corner and she stalled... and I checked, yep fuel tap. K mate yeah I have forgotten it once.

    One other friend forgot it, and we were just about to have a small drag at the lights, three bikes, all with L plates... lights go green, to bikes tear off, one bike stays put... told us just as he opened the throttle she died, lmao. :LOL: :LOL:
  18. i hit reserve last night, 80km short of when i had to switch tanks last time..

    was rather surprised. last tank 390km this tank 310,

    fair enuff rode round on reserve for a lil bit of last nights ride, then on way home filled up the tank took a full 15 litres with out an issue,

    then i forgot to buy milk for breakfast coffee...bike is sorted.. but im... drinking black coffee :(
  19. NO
    i never turn mine of

    unless the tank is being removed for maintenence
  20. congrats... I was riding for a year and a half before I did this... mind you its an efi bike and the tank was so dry the light couldnt come on.... but I felt my inner noob again that day...