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Bad End to what was a great day

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Big Chris, Aug 22, 2007.

  1. Hey all,
    Had a really crappy ending to my day yesterday,

    The good part,
    am doing my third year block release, Spraypainting Apprenticeship.
    Learned how to do candy flames, was an awesome day.

    The bad part,
    Riding home from Tafe, just after 4 pm,
    really crappy weather, windy and rain,
    first real rain in Brisbane for ages.
    Came over the crest of a hill not far from home,
    to see a white commodore coming at me in my lane,
    the car was broadsided,
    I went left to go around the car,
    not sure what happened next,
    then I was on the road on my back, sliding on the wet road,
    ended up laying in the gutter on my back.
    Heaps of poeple stopped to assist,
    a nurse that lives in my street helped lots,
    she was on her way home too.
    Then ambos showed up,
    neck braced, and taken to hospital.

    Released last night,
    nothing broken,
    but I hurt like hell,
    typing one had is harder than I thought,
    Left shoulder took the brunt of the fall to the road,
    not much movement that does not hurt lots,
    and somehow have strange bruise and graze on my right shin,
    bruised on my right wrist,
    and my ribs hurt a lot, bruised up the left side as well.

    My jacket survived, relatively unmarked,
    have not taken out the body armour to check it,
    helmet has minor damage,
    did not have my gloves on,
    they where wet from the ride to tafe yesterday morning,
    supprisingly not a mark on my hands.

    Not sure what shape my poor FireBlade is in,
    she got towed, and I can't get over there to have a look.
    but given the oil that was on my jacket and pants,
    that leaked out of my bike and ran down the road to where I was laying,
    I guess my baby is in a bad way.

    Insert rant here,
    Am p!ssed off, was going slow, due to crappy weather,
    was alert for oil and stuff on the road from the storm,
    and this f!cking happens. F!cking idiot driver.
    End rant.

    Will be buying a lotto ticket, when I can get a lift to the shops, lol.

    Peace all,
  2. Ahhh...tough break Chris, but it sounds like it could have been alot worse. Bikes can be easily repaired mate, humans are somewhat harder. Glad to hear that you came out of it relatively ok.

    The first rains after a long period of dry are notoriously dangerous, all that dust, dirt, oil and diesel on the road suddenly becomes alot more dangerous.
  3. That utterly sucks man!

    Thank god you're ok.

    What was the car doing on the wrong side of the road???????
  4. Hey, sweet, NEW BIKE TIME!!!!!!

    Bad luck about the injuries but... NEW BIKE TIME! WOOHOO!
  5. Bugger.

    Though as Simon said Bikes can be repaired or replaced.
    And obviosly the driver was at fault.
    So heal up then go shopping.
  6. Ouchie, that's two Brissie riders down in as many days. I know I pissed off home from work early yesterday because the storm was forecast to come in later in the day. Still plenty of rain forecast for the next couple of days, so I'll be being extra-careful out there, and I hope all my fellow Brisvegans do likewise... let's avoid the hat-trick.
  7. wow sounds like you are lucky to have come out of it with what i would call minor injuries.....it sounds like it could of been alot worse.

    Like others have said bikes can be fixed/replaced, people can't.

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery

    Cheers stewy
  8. Hey all,

    just spoke to the accident investigation branch, they called me.
    The witnesses all said that the driver lost control of the car,
    The officer said,
    the accident investigation will take some time,
    will be a couple of months before a report is issued,
    "The driver had lost control of the vehicle and crossed the centreline of the road"

    I have a piece of paper found in my gear bag,
    with a witness name and phone number,
    The guy has written a short statement,
    that the car lost control, fishtailed accross the road,
    that I swerved to avoid the car and got hit by the car.

    Thanks for the replies,
    had not even thought about going shopping for another bike,
    the car drivers insurance company will be sending me a cheque for what is left of my FireBlade.

    I asked the tow truck driver how my bike was,
    (he got me to sign something in the back of the ambulance)
    His reply was, "dont worry about your bike, worry about yourself"
    I guess my baby is in a bad way.
    Sad, I loved my bike lots.

    Thanks all for best wishes,
    Sorry if the reply seems a bit disjointed,
    the tablets I took earlier seem to be kicking in.

    Stay safe all,
    watch out for white Commodores.

  9. No, the Car drivers insurance co should be either repairing or replacing your bike.
    I would suggest you lodge a claim, like today.
  10. Bad luck mate take care and heal quick.
  11. Hey all,
    Found where my bike is,
    didn't look to bad, from what I could see,
    Could only see the left side of the bike,
    but then went back to the scene of the crash,
    found the tag off my Arrows muffler,
    looks bad for my baby.

    http://s5.photobucket.com/albums/y184/sirpsychosis/Crashed CBR 900/


    Will add some more pics when I get access to the storage yard where my bike is.

  12. Warning bad language

    Hey all,
    got to see my bike today,
    added some pics from a phone camera,
    Smashed side case,
    Bent exhaust,
    My Arrows muffler is trashed,
    Rear Brake setup bent into swing arm,
    Don't know where the right bar end went,

    See the pics,
    http://s5.photobucket.com/albums/y184/sirpsychosis/Crashed CBR 900/

    Am buying a lotto ticket for tonight and saturday,
    You can see the white paint from where the car hit my bike,

  13. The Suzuki in the pics look worse than my Honda,
    Hope the rider is ok.

  14. You had a car coming at you head-on, you swerved but still hit, your right can is destroyed.... how can you not have broken bones?!! How is your right leg?

    Amazing stuff. Hope you get the check to get back on the roads soon.
  15. I have heard a few radio reports of motorcycle accidents this week too... I think a big part of it is that Brissy riders just aren't used to riding in the rain.

    Please be careful guys :(
  16. Chris, you don't commute along Ipswich each day do you?
  17. *Ahem* That would be Ipswich Road :oops:
  18. Real sorry to hear about this dude; I'm glad you're OK though.

    Good luck with the lotto ticket :wink:
  19. You got this statement from the witness or he wrote it up and slipped it into your bag??

    Either way, it sounds like you are in good shape as far as the legal aspects of the crash are concerned.
  20. Thanks heaps guys,
    am feeling a bit better today,
    am still sore, but the pain killers help a lot.

    I used to ride along Ipswich road, From Coorparoo to Darra,
    but I quit that job a couple of months ago.

    The witness wrote up short statement and put it in my gearbag,
    someone got my gearbag and gave it to the ambos.
    When I spoke to the police they said the same guy gave the officers on scene a full statement, he was following me, saw the whole thing.

    my leg is coming up with a wicked purple black bruise,
    is sore but I can walk fine.
    I have been looking at the pics of my bike,
    I have no idea how I managed to not have it broken, (strong bones?)
    given the marks on my bike, hit the fairing, then broke the side case bent the rear brake lever and bracket, and wrecked the muffler.
    Was not quite head on as the car was sideways when it crossed the centreline, from what I have been told.
    Still count myself lucky to have been able to walk out of the PA Hospital.
    Nice pics of the bikes there Pinkxie, you do that for a living?

    Thanks to all,

    ps Don't like the look of the bit on the frame where the left bar end hit it.