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Bad day?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Sweeris, Jun 16, 2007.

  1. Well it all started at about 2pm. I was about the head off to work on my bike and my bike wont start. As I posted earlier that I had trouble starting the bike after a cold nite. this time it was 2 nites. I though yea it would probably abit harder and it just wont start. I tried until the battery went flat after abt 8-10 tries(At least I know the battery is still ok). After the battery is flat I had no other choice than 2 push start. After 8-10 tries at push starting I got it going.

    I thought yea that was the end of it for today but no. I went into uni and parked beside a building for 3 min and I got fined... :shock: I thought "ok,whar ever i'll deal with it later when i get home after work." Got to work uneventfully.

    After work (8:30pm) it was fogging really badly. I then started going home. Again had abit of trouble starting the bike but I didnt have to push start it at least. I got out from work after abt 500meters I couldnt c anything. Small water droplets formed outside of the visor and inside started to fog up abit but it was ok for the time being. another 3ks was after I sat at the traffic lights for abt 2min I took of and within 50m of the traffic lights everything fogged up. I could not even c the car 10m infront of me. I pulled to left lane blind (was in the middle lane before)... Luckily I was the last from the lights. I cleaned all the water off my glasses and visor and set off again. with in 500m it fogged up again. and I had to get on the freeway in the next 50m. Cleaned everything then hope for the best and tried to follow a car on to the fwy. found that it was alot easier following a car than going in my own lane as I cant c my own lane... I had to keep wiping my visor and try to get the fog off my visor and glasses. I made 2 more stops after I got off the freeway. And slowly rode home.

    I got bundoora and found it to b even worse as I had 2 use a back rd with no lights. but no cars at all so slowed down to 40ks or something. I could c a damn thing.

    I think what ill b asking is any tips on riding in the fog? This was the first time riding in the fog and it jus had to b at nite(for my first time). Anything I can do to stop glasses and visor fogging up? I also found that the rubber part near the visor infront of my nose(inside the helmet). was had lots of water on it too. Was this from my breath?
  2. yeah that sucks
    try to keep air circulating in ur helmet, ur face will get cold but the inside of ur helmet wont fog up. (open the lid up a bit)
  3. In winter, I add a small piece of plastic tubing, split down one side, to the lower lip of the helmet (on each side).
    This makes the closed position 'open' for about 3 mm gap. Enough to keep the air circulating, and the visor from not fogging up.
    Cat crap works for me, and I have a thermal balaclava that keeps my face warm
  4. I cant quite picture it(jus woke up). Do you have pictures somewhere that I can c? Thanks
  5. Your helmet must suck. My Nolan has more than enough airflow at 60 km/h to keep the visor clear, even at minus 3. And this is behind a touring screen. I also wear sunglasses under my visor, and they don't fog up either.
    I'd suggest a fog insert and just wipe the visor with the index finger of your glove, That's what I have to do every morning for about 15 mins till I get to suburbia.

    Regards, Andrew.
  6. im not sure wat they called but at most bike shops i have been into in sydney. they have got something u can buy for approx $15+, it is something u stick on the inside of ure visor to stop it fogging up. i got one and i can breave as hard as i like and intentially try to fog my visor up and i cant.
    if anyone can elaborate on this and provide info of wat it is called that would prob help him more. thanks.
  7. in normal conditions my visor and glasses dont fog up but in mist, it fogged up like hell...
  8. i reckon thats one of the differences between a 300 buck helmet and a 600 buck one. my kbc fogs up like crap.
    just leave her open a tad.

    so far as riding in the fog. just like they said in the ls course, if you cant see 5 seconds in front of you, slow down. riding through the rain yesterday arvo in sydney was crap, apart from the flooding, you couldnt see 30 metres in front of you when it got heavy.

  9. cat crap is your answer! just have to remember to re apply.
  10. rain x has an anti fog i use on visor and sunnys 1 bottle will last a year

  11. Yeah, except my helmet is a $260 one..........

    Regards, Andrew.
  12. breath through your nose, as it directs the hot moist air downwards AWAY from ya visor. works for me.
  13. Isnt that what everyone does???
  14. I like to inhale and exhale fast so my nose just doesn't have the throughput.

    It feels strange breathing through my nose, it just takes so long and feels too pressurised.

    Anyway yeah I just leave the visor open a bit when riding in z sub zero temps.
  15. Also has anyone had any problems riding with contact lenses on? when i ride on my push bike (yes i still dont have a bike yet i'm just substituting my crave) my eyes water , but i guess ill have the visor closed....