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Bad day to be a bike cop!

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by mcbigg, Nov 1, 2006.

  1. Yeah. The baton is way too light. the car has pillarless doors- the seals take most of the impact. Should've put a pill throught the window.
  2. Holy SHit!!!!!
    Thats crazy!!!! :-O

    Why the hell couldnt they smash the window???
  3. stupid to think u would get away from that many cops and their cars.
  4. The reason those windows didnt break is because not one of those coppers was using his baton the way you would use it to break a window. They dont carry enough weight to swing like a bat, and achieve much force at the end. The better method is with one hand on the handle and the other hand gripping over the top, and ramming the base of it through the glass, not swinging it like a light sabre...
  5. Thats totaly insane. Once the copper got bak on his feet, he didnt know what to do, help the other guys out or take his gloves off.
  6. Hmm, it looks like the average street cops in England still don't carry guns - otherwise I imagine they'd pull them out to make the guy get out of the car? Interesting!
  7. Yeah true on 'solid' batons. but if you look close there useing the compact extendable type,and if you tryed to break a window using your theory they would just colapse and fold back into the stored posistion.


    ps: i wonder if they let him use a phone when back at the station ? im sure they would have given him a phone book or three.

    :LOL: :LOL:
  8. No the base of the baton, as in the spot where his hand would be. So it would in the case be a way that is not collapsing the baton back into its smaller stored version.
  9. I would have thought that one of the bike cops could have just put his gloved fist through a window. The one that got rammed off his bike should have had enough adrenalin running in his veins to pull it off.

    Maybe they could have headbutted with their helmets...
  10. there is a window tint that when applied increases the strength of windows. I saw it somewhere cant remember. could've been the reason why they couldn't break it.
    they did manage to break the rear window.

    good thing he had his helmet on cos it briefly got wedged between the celica and the camera car
  11. +1 on the swing being wrong. not sure about the collapsing thing, but didn't look like much force was exerted at all. maybe they could have tried opening the doors... seems silly, but i can confidently say that 90% of people on the rn will not lock the car doors for 2 reasons.
    1: their own quick escape
    2: those on the run from the law 95% of the time are violent but stupid criminals who aren't calm thinkers.

    +1 on the bike copper havin a go.... should just f'n pegged his helmet right through the windscreen. woulda bounced off but you could keep goin hehehe
  14. LOL - i thought this was about the fantastic weather we're having at the moment in melbourne
  16. + 1 on the "Windows are pretty tough"

    I've busted some car windows with a collapsible baton and there is a trick.

    Hit the windows near corners twice as hard as you think you should. That should do the trick. With tempered glass it's actually a lot harder than you would think and is not that easy to break. Top corners are good as the seal helps to hold the window tighter.

    Using the base of the batton like a hammer would work too however you would have to be careful not to get your hand cut by the glass. Bike gloves would work well to prevent this.

    I wouldn't reccomend punching or head-butting. As funny as it would look, You'd just hurt yourself / damage your helmet for nothing. :wink:
  17. yeah me too. :grin: but damn the dude really really wanted to get way.
  18. Awww, the video stops before we get to see the sweet, sweet police brutality :(

    Hope he got charged with attempted murder, and thrown in a gaol cell with an enormous, lonely, and very homosexual ex-biker named Hairy.

    ****in' punk.
  19. that is INSANE!!

    i can't believe he kept reversing over & over,...surely you'd realise you're screwed!