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bad day in our camp

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by one armed bandit, May 3, 2008.

  1. :( Hey Guys,

    Well what a hectic few days for us, and Tex away as well. He has made to the Rock, even survived a rabid emu attack, funny story, very funny. :rofl:

    Thanks to those who have called and PM me over the scum who decided to run my dogs down. Your kind words mean alot.

    Hard for Tex being so far away and next to Bundy, Vinnie was his fav.

    Won't make it today to Rhill, not the best company at the present. And bloody tired. Great weather this weekend so stay upright and enjoy!

  2. Hi Jenn,
    I saw that story but didnt realise it was you. I hope they get the bastarrds and run them over.
    Sorry to hear this :cry:
    I wish you and Tex all the best
  3. Hey Jenn

    I couldn't believe it when I saw the news last night. My heart goes out to you. What F*&%ing assholes !!!!!!!!

    Head out to the Fidd when you are ready you have a group of friends there to lean on

    All the best
  4. As per my PM Jen, tragic news and lets hope they catch the evil turds :evil: ....and they get whats coming...you know what they say about people who do those types of things. They move on up to people next.....anyhow keep your spirits up and all the best.
  5. Didn't realise that was you! Some people astound me, who could do something like that!? All the best Jenn!
  6. Jenn sorry to hear what has happened!!, if theres anything i can do just let me know.
    Ps i vote we get a large contingent of netriders together and do laps of local areas until we find the low life scum that commited this foul deed then exact some revenge!!!!!!
    Further proof that the gene pool needs chlorinating!!!

  7. Hey Jenn, Dont know you at all but me and the misses think what those pricks done was pretty crap and were up for the "puppy killin' posse" as stated by the above poster ^^^^^^Dont worry karma always finds a way!!!!
  8. Hi Jenn
    Sorry to hear about your loss mate, remember your not alone and return to the fold when your ready
  9. + 1

    Pm sent Jen
  10. I am thinking of you Jen. All my best in a difficult time.
  11. hi jenn, i too heard of this low act on the news, not knowing it was you that was targeted, it makes one wonder what this world is coming to, those sh*theads are a waste of oxygen, what goes around , comes around, so hopefully they will be in pain soon! thinking of you, all the best , mal & kel.
  12. Hey Jen,
    I have already been in contact wih Tex, he will fill you in.
  13. Hi Jen ,my wife and I heard it on the news didn't know it was you . :shock:
    Really sorry for your loss. :cry:

    Hope they catch the picks. :mad:
  14. sorry to hear about vinnie, jenn. along with everyone else, i hope these pricks get caught.

  15. I'm in. Lets find the assholes
  16. Hi Jenn, Feel sorry for your loss as well. I saw the news, couldn't believe. Damn bastards. :evil:
  17. ive been putting a bit of thought into this. if found, the best solution ive come up with is wait till the middle of the night after you have found the car, then, scratch into the paint on the car the words " im the wanker that killed that poor little dog" or similar in big writing down the length of the car. can you imagine the crap they would get from the public.. would be almost as good as a public hanging!