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Bad customer service

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by Rach_86, Dec 23, 2006.

  1. I had a crash on the bike not to long ago. So i had to go about the task of putting it all back together.
    And I must say I came across some of the nicest and well informed people Ive ever had to deal with in the bike industry.

    Thats why its a shame that I had a bad experiance with a mechanic recomended to me through a friend.
    He was very inconsiderate when I went to pick up the bike at a time we had arranged he wasnt there and had left early. Not even having the curtasy to ring me and change the time. Ive had to contact him on every issue with the bike to find out what was going on. And he took a week and a half longer than he said he would. And no real apology at the end of it all.

    Now that that is all off my chest I wonderd if others have had the same experiance?? And if so what have you done about it???
  2. Repairs taking longer than expected is par for the course in the industry, regrettably. Car people wouldn't put up with the sort of delays and preposterous reasons that are given for this...

    Not notifying you that he was not going to be there at the appointed time however, is just plain bad manners......
  3. As a tradesman, I say there is NO excuse for any of that.
    Poor scheduling, poor customer service and poor communication will ruin a business, so feel some consolation that he will eventually go under.
    Seriously, it's not hard to under promise, and contact people when things aren't going right.

    Regards, Andrew.