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Bad business bike shops rant...

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by RavenWolfe, Nov 10, 2005.

  1. Anyone else had any problems with "Scoota City" at 303 Elizabeth st, Melbourne?
    Went in last Friday, found a Kawa ZZR250 for $3250, rang on Monday to ask the guy that I was very interested in buying the bike, but due to other commitments (ie. Uni) I couldn’t get in until today or Saturday to look at it & put a deposit on it. "Fine," he said, "I’ll hold it for you for a week." Rang up today to tell him I’d be coming in to look at the bike & put a deposit on it & found that the a***h*** had sold it on me without telling me! :x :evil: It was a guaranteed sale for him if the bike was in good condition. And he no doubt would have had more business from me in the future. (Gear, etc.) But I wasn’t about to put a $500 deposit on a bike I hadn’t looked at only to get it checked out & find it isn’t mechanically & loose $500. I understand that they are running a business & make money, but this is pathetic! I rang a few other bike shops to see if they had any of the same bike in stock & I told most of them what had just happened. All but two said it was a bad way to do business. (So it's not just me!) Maybe that is what I get for going through a b****y scooter shop! :wink: (Scooter riders/dealers really are a different breed aren't they...?!!) Of course there were no ZZR250s, few CBR250s though…. -sigh- So, much for having a bike by the weekend! :cry: I’m absolutely livid at the moment….
    Sorry guys, just needed to rant! :evil: If anyone has any similar rants I’d love to hear them! Any other bike shops I should avoid like the plague?
    Also, does anyone know anyone that is selling a Kawa ZZR250? Or any other half decent 250…

  2. Bummer, sorry to hear it.

    At the end of the day, put yourself in the dealers shoes.
    Sure you may say that he had a guaranteed sale, but when the dealer has to make the choice to keep it for you for a week hoping that he makes a sale or says "ok" to the dude/dudette that just walked into the shop with their "hard earnt" in their hand............

    It's not the end of the world, the business needs to make a living and you need a bike. It just wasnt to be, move on :)

    The same thing happened to me when I bought my first bike. Saw the babyblade in the window of RedWing (Heidelberg) rang them, "yes mate, its still for sale" rock up there with $1000 deposit, "no mate, that one has been sold for week, nope, dont know who would have told you to come in".

    Left, and bought 3 bikes off the dealer that looked after me. I've never shopped at RedWing, I've never recommended RedWing.
    I'll forgive them, if they give me a Firestorm :D:D:D:D

    As for bikes for sale;

  3. The issue is that the dealer lied though Vic. If the dealer isn't prepared to hold it for a week without a deposit, the dealer should have said "no mate, I can't do that, the bike's here to sell.". That would be understandable and no one would blame them for that.

    I'd be pissed about being lied to.

  4. You were fed bullshit...
    It's easy enough for them to say, can't promise you I'll still have it if there is other interest.

    I've no problems with being told this. If buying over the phone and I definately want something. I'll give a name and contact number but still move quickly just in case..

    Personally I would expect more from a dealer.
  5. Thanks for your story Vic.
    I do understand that they are running a business. If he had of said “Sorry I can’t hold it unless you put a deposit on it.” Then I wouldn’t have been so peeved off. Or if he’d told me outright that there was a chance he would sell it before I came in then, fair enough; at least he would have been honest about it. As “Sir B” (Justin) pointed out, he lied outright. I know most of their business would be compulsive buys, not every carries that amount of cash around with them. Or have a credit card.
    It obviously was not to be, that particular bike anyway. And yes, there are plenty more bikes, but it’s finding one that’s black that’s the trouble….
    Okay, I won’t be going to Redwing in Heidelberg. Though I am glad that I called first, had a funny feeling they would sell it. Feel sorry for you calling & then going in only to be informed that it had been sold! :x
    Thanks for the link by the way, had looked, but nothing caught my eye.
    Thanks guys…. :) Cooled down a tad….
  6. That's exactly what I think. He would have been up front & honest about it.

    I've learned my lesson & I'll know in the future. (Thing is, the guy had my phone no. & e-mail addy!)
    I did expect better service than a car dealership though; I'd have thought that someone selling bikes would be more down to earth. (Technically it wasn't a bike shop.... :p Damned scooter shop!)
    But I guess that's the way life works isn't it? Live & learn. :?
  7. What on earth are you whinging about. If you were keen to buy the bike then you should have gone & bought it. Right there & then. I don't know how many times I have heard "yes, I'll be round this afternoon to look at your bike you are advertising in the Trading post" -never to lay eyes on them. And this is only from selling about 2 bikes in a lifetime. Imagine how many times a dealer would hear that in a week :shock: :shock:
  8. He's "whinging" about being lied to. Is it so unreasonable to expect a merchant to stay true to their word?

  9. its a bummer dude, but money talks :wink:

    i dunno if i have acted much different to tell the truth. we´re coming in to the start of the riding season, theres a good chance that the bike was sitting there for the last 6 months without a single glance so saying ¨yeah, i´ll hold onto it" shouldn have been a problem. imagine his suprise when someone rocks up and waves a wad of cash in his face!

    he might have thought a few things, like ¨this must be the chick that called me the other day¨ or ¨i SHOULD call this other lady, but this is a definate sale, the other one is just a caller" or ¨shit! i cant beleive someone is willing to pay this much for this piece of junk!¨ or all of the above.

    until you have a deposit on it, its not a definate sale. he hasnt even seen your face yet, let alone glimpsed some moolah. its not the nicest thing in the world to do, but given the right circumstances, i doubt i´d do anything any differently....

    edited - hes changed to shes :oops: sorry...
  10. I dare say I wouldn't be too happy about buying a bike on impulse without getting it checked to see if was mechanically sound only to get it home & find I'd have to fork out twice as much as the bike was worth be able to ride it without killing myself due to something being faulty. That would be something worth whinging about wouldn't it? As I've only been interested in bikes the past six months, I don't know enough about the mechanics of a bike yet to be able to make a decision based on a “Ohhhhhh-shiny-bike-I-wanna-buy-it-now” notion. And the person I spoke to on Friday said it would take them a week to get it registered... (Shortest week in history if I do say so myself…)

    Some of us have commitments :)shock: :shock:) & cannot afford to take time off to buy things... I am at uni from 8am until 5pm, Mon to Thursday... Uni is 45 mins away from the city... And I’m using public transport….Most shops aren't open before 8am & shut before 6pm.... Casual time job Mon to Wed night.... I don’t sit at home all day waiting for a dole payment every fortnight.

    In addition, I'm not a "he", I'm a "she"! :eek: Maybe males are different, but everything I've asked a shop to hold, I've gone back to buy... (Nothing has ever been sold on me before! If I owned a shop & conducted my business like that, I doubt my business would last very long.)

    Sorry to hear that idiots have stuffed you around in the past, but not everyone is like that!
  11. Yes I know.... The world revolves around it unfortunately...

    On the Friday I found the bike, I wanted to put down a deposit, but $300 obviously wasn't enough (I don't carry more than $300 in my wallet as I having a habit of spending more than I can afford on useless stuff). When I asked how long it was registered for, the guy showing me the bike noticed that it wasn't & he told me the registration would take a week to organize. After I spoke to the owner for the second time over two days, I told him I wanted a friend who knew more about bikes to look at it... It was after this I didn't hear from him again... Maybe it was a piece of junk after all?! :D

    As a friend said, the guy would probably sell his own mother if enough $$$ was waved in front of his face. :p

    I don't understand why bike sales go up in the summer. I lie, I can. But if some of the people that buy bikes during the warmer months like riding so much, wouldn't they ride all year round; or do some people think it's cool to have a bike for the summer months, ride around in a singlet & shorts trying to pick up girls?
  12. Mate, i work in the bike industry.. and we have something called bbd. Be back dust. There's lots of it and it means nothing, you'd be staggered how many people say they'll be back and aren't.

    The dealer was within their rights. If you put a deposit down, you do on the terms of the bike passing a mechanical inspection, and if it fails you get your money back.

    No deposit means you have no rights if they sell it to someone else.
  13. As has been said, a sale is a sale.
    If you haven't put money on it then it's well within his right to sell the bike if someone offers him the full amount then and there. Yeah, it's a bit low that he sold it after saying he'd keep it but at this time of year it's worth his while to turn bikes over quickly - this is their prime time!

    If you'd put $100 on it and he STILL sold it to the other guy just cos he had the full amount (or marginally more than you were going to pay) - then that's REALLY low.
  14. all the other stuff aside, winter is not the time when newbies get into riding. those that have been riding for a while will have a ball with the lower winter market and can pick up bargains, but someone just getting into riding is MUCH more likely to wait till its a little sunnier to start and will therefore be buying around the spring/summer months.

    take my old GSXR750 for example. i had it up for sale for over 2 months without any real interest. not a soul came to look at it in that time. the GP came along and within a week i had 5 ppls look at it and it was gone :LOL:

    we all like to think weŕe not a bunch of pansy sunshiners, but for the most part, we are :oops:
  15. I wouldn't be surprised at how many people say they'll be back & never return. Or say they'll come in & look at something but never do. I've sold a few things on E-bay over the years, had a few "no-shows" & have to admit that it has peeved me off, especially when you go out of your way to "meet" them somewhere. (Human nature never fails to amaze me!)
    I guess thats why I always go back to buy something if I do get a shop to hold something for me. Or show up when I say I'll be in to look at something. To show them that there are half decent people around, they may be few & far between, but they are around.

    Ahhh, that's what I wasn't sure about. I was worried that if I did put down a deposit that I would lose it if the bike fail an inspection. Thanks for that for that snippet of information about deposits & inspections. :) I won't be so paranoid next time about handing over a deposit for a bike if I go through a dealership. But do all dealers offer your deposit back if the bike fails an inspection?
  16. :) I'd have prefered to buy in the cooler months as I've noticed that the price has gone up quite a bit now that the warmer weather is here, but you can't buy much with an empty wallet... :( And it would have been easier to find the bike I'd like.
    I agree that riding on a nice sunny day is great, but riding in the rain has it's good points too. (But that could just be me... :) )
    Thanks Coconuts.

  17. :D Just noticed this....
    Not a big thing, but it's nice that you actually went back & changed your post.
    Thanks Coconuts! :)
  18. Ravenwolf, you make it a term of the contract/deposit that the bike has to pass a mechanical inspection (i was talking to the sales guy about this yesterday :)) if you don't they can keep your deposit if you just change your mind.

    Had a guy the other day, wanted to buya bike for his missus. Put money down, sorted gear for her, it was all good. On the way home he bought a trading post, saw a car he liked, bought that instead, comes into work and asks for his money back!
    Even though they weren't legally obliged to they did.

    And once you have put a deposit, they are legally not allowed to sell the bike to anyone else unless the sale falls through for whatever reason.
  19. Yeah, you can make the sale conditional on whatever the shop agrees to; typically, clear title, never been written off, getting finance etc.

    Just make sure it's written and signed by both.
  20. All well and good but the issue is that the dealer said one thing and did another. If the dealer had said - no I can't hold it without a deposit - that's quite reasonable and this whole thread would never have gotten started.

    To my mind this means that this particular dealer is happy to say whatever they think you want to hear. Not an attitude I'd want when I deal with someone and not something guaranteed to instil confidence about future dealings.