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bad blinker

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by wilburr, Jun 16, 2009.

  1. hi hows it goin im having a prob with me right blinker the backe one lights up but wont flash and the front one wont come on the bulb looks ok would that be a flasher box or mabe somthing else. if you have any thoughts mabe you could share them thanks for any input. my back brake is sqeaky to the pads look ok they have a big wear line thats not worn out as long as im looking at the right line any help thanks

  2. post some for info. what bike?

    what happens if you put on the back brake and give it some gas does it blink then?

    Yes there is a flasher relay, might want to check that. Is the front globe a correct bulb? if its incorrect ie requires more watts, could not light up, and can affect the other one from flashing
  3. If the left blinkers work, then the flasher relay is OK. Sounds like a problem with the right front bulb(can be f*cked but still look OK) or a bad connection to r front, maybe bad earth. If the front bulb doesn't light up, the back one won't flash. Try swapping bulbs from side to side, if the problem changes sides then its a bad bulb, if not its in the wiring. If you pull all the connectors and clean them, also the earth cable, it might go. Good luck.
  4. Hi,

    I also have problems with my indicators (VTR250 2000, 11500km) after two events.

    1) bulb on front RHS (Right Hand Side) blew up, everything else fine just that it doesn't light up and

    2) today friend lightly touched his bike on my muffler and screwed up some of my indicator electrics:
    - basically the rear RHS indicator did not light up when I tried to signal, but the bulb seemed to be fine

    After impact:
    - when signaling left: both LHS indicators work but indicator symbol on dashboard doesn't light up
    - when signaling right: both RHS indicators dont light up, and indicator symbol lights up on dashboard but flashing too fast.

    To make matters worse, we tried to dismount the rear RHS indicator (because we did it before to the front one) and suprisingly it broke off.

    Question is:
    - will simply buying replacement indicators (I'm after aftermarket LED ones) solve all matters, in particular the problems with the dashboard lights? Or is there more to it than 'plug and play'?