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Bad biking 24 hours

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by bragi0, Apr 7, 2006.

  1. Well on top of everything non-bike related that went wrong yesterday (and that covers pretty much everything except dinner), a stupid cager [1] backed their breeder cage into the bike parked next to mine. My formerly non-scratched ZZR now has it's first wound, right on the fron mudguard. Still, my ZZR faired better than my cow-orker's Spada. That hit my bike first, then the ground. Scratched muffler, pegs, handlebars. Hopefully nothing too bad though.

    Then this morning I was almost cleaned up by a soccer-mum in her SUV when she went speeding along a suburban side-street on the wrong side. Judicious use of brakes and some funky steering saved me, my bike, but possibly not my pants. Have to go call the dry cleaners now...


    They really are out to get me. Yes, I know you and every other biker warned me, but still, I hate reality coming to call.

    [1] This stupid cager fitted at least three of the stereo-typical bad driving groups. I won't tell you what they were though.
  2. Heh, yeah you wonder how some of these cagers get on the road.
  3. Hey Yesterday i had a Soccor mum in a Honda Pretend 4WD decide to overtake me on the inside of a single lane corner. lucky for me there was room to escape on the outside and no oil spots on the road to dodge.