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Bad Bike crash

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Kraven, Feb 22, 2006.

  1. Might have something to do with the fact he was riding on the front wheel only at the time????
  2. Looks like he's on 2 wheels to me
  3. in the slower run of the flic ........... it looks as the front wheel deforms before the crash ....... i once seen the result of an early honda commag wheel colapsing and a similuar thing happening ... although not as spetacular
  4. Could have been a bearing failure and the front wheel lockoed up. But yeah its hard to tell if he is on the front wheel. If he was maybe he just tapped the front brake or something..
  5. He is doing a one handed stoppie. Guess he knows heaps about neck injuries and helmet impact analysis now :)
  6. :shock: :shock: :shock: Bloody hell..
  7. I kept clicking back, he actually looks like he stands to do a stoppie, but maybe the front break locks.
    I also agree that looks like something deforms, maybe the way the wheel turns as he over breaks and the whole front end just goes spastic...
  8. Watching the vid in normal speed it's a little hard to tell if the guy is on one or two wheels, but in the slow motion you can see the top of the bike's tank meaning that he was on the front wheel.
  9. The front wheel doesn't deform. It appears that way after it loses contact with the road and once the bars are no longer straight.

    It appears that he is attempting a one handed stoppie, looses balance, grabs too much front brake and whooshka.
  10. As jimmythehuman said he's doing a one-handed stoppie. I'd guess he's hit a bump or something and squeezed the brake more than he'd planned.
    Major bummer!
  11. well your right ... upon re examining the flic its easy to see .... but your looking in the wrong place ... check the clearance between the top of the front guard and headlight .. and compair to the bike next to him .............. he was trying to do a stopie and ucked up
  12. Well he got his just deserves then :grin:

    Next time he'll think twice B4 attempting that manouever again
  13. Nah i was wrong. he is sitting up on the tank or standing on the seat, and he look to the other bike and waves. Then is looks to wobble and he grabs the brakes (i guess).
  14. yup guess so .... u wanna play those games .... u get /cop the results ... good n bad
  15. U tried that move on your bike yet? :grin:
  16. ouch... remind me not to try one handed stoppies any time soon
  17. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: piss funny.............

    I also think he's trying to stand on tank / seat
  18. Lol nah kishy - i am building up to it :)
  19. :grin: :grin:

    I dont have the balls needed to try it yet either.. I'll stick to ma wheelies :)