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Bad batch of petrol

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by russ, Oct 22, 2004.

  1. I think i got a bad batch of premium a few days ago from the station cnr burke & barkers rds.

    the bikes has developed (directly after the refill) a fair dead zone around 1-4k rpm - actually it's probably everywhere but most noticable at those ranges in the city. first noticed it when I took off from a stop sign, turning right, leaned the bike opened the throttle and... nothing. Bikes still leaning, more throttle, still nothing, hmm now the bikes falling. :?
    Saved by the foot.

    we'll see what happens when I refill with some other petrol.
  2. Had something like that with the car once... was premium as well.... I rectified it with using an octane booster product and constantly topping the car up with another servos fuel when there was room.
  3. best to drain the tank and refill.

    in cars its usually water thats the problem , you poor in 1 lt of metho to 1 tank of petrol and it evaperates the water .
    the metho burns in the normal combustion of the car and doesnt effect it , i have done it on numerous occassions in cars but not sure about with bikes though
  4. I had that trouble after getting water in the tank... My mechanic said to put about a cup full of metho in the tank, 1 litre would probably sound ok for a car fuel tank but a bit much for a bike. Seemed to clear the water problem with no harm done to the GPX250.
  5. Apparently BP are running Shell petrol atm so we've switched to Mobil or Caltex!
  6. Who's we?
  7. we being all of us that went to Sydney I thought!
  8. Shell owns bp, have for a long time now, it all come from the same bulk tanks.
  9. Russ,

    Was the tanker there refilling the servo's tanks?

    The "refill" truck is your warning to go to the next servo.

    As they fill the tanks up it stirs all the crap off the bottom of the tanks and its gets mixed in with the fuel that you put into your tank.

    Avoid them like the plague if you can.
  10. Isn't "we" Mick and her?
  11. Russ, that would be the Shell on the cnr of Burke and Barkers, wouldn't it? Was it Optimax you put in? If so, what sort of bike do you have? I used to use Optimax in my '93 cbr600 and had MASSIVE problems. I've heard something about it being good for fuel injected bikes, but not carbied ones. It took a while for the problems to start happening with mine as well, but it seems that was all it was.

    Of course, the mechanics never told me about that problem, so the bike kept going back there until I cracked it.

    Check your spark plugs and try the metho thing as well....I don't know if it works, but I've been told that one by several different people.

    :D :D :D
  12. The SP1 ran like crap on Optisux, it ran its best on Synergy 8000
  13. Ooooooo!!!!!! I got caught too, but from the Mobil down here in Mornington, got back from "coffee night, last night and filled up for the run to Geelong today and when I took off this morning . same sorta symptoms but like seriously so!!! Cough, splutter, pop, phart .. (the bike - not me) and eventually a complete stall!!!! Undaunted I made it to the nearest servo and grabbed a bottle of "metho" sloshed about a cupful in the tank and took off ... halfway between Mornington and the Westgate she died again . add more "metho" and we're off again and made it all the way to Geelong. Coming back it was "seriously" worse . nursed it back home though ... stopping/stalling every 15-20klms .. let it sit for 10 mins and away again till the next stall . 3 hour trip home from Geeelong ...

    Gunna empty and flush the tank tomorrow and drop the carby bowls and do the same to them and the fuel hoses to sighhhhhh

    Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :evil: :evil: :evil:
  15. Yep, I had the same problem... the guy who sold me my bike told me to use Optimax, but it kept backfiring and basically running like crap. I spoke to the demo mechanic at the HART open day earlier this year, and he advised me to use normal unleaded - haven't had a problem since, and no difference to fuel economy or anything, except maybe even a slight improvement! :)
  16. Not sure about your particular bike, but with NSRs [250s I mean] if you want to run Optimax, you have to rejet it accordingly, but that means you can only use Optimax from then on or until you rejet it back - a pain in the arse if your running low on fuel and there are no Shell stations around with Optimax. Easier to run either ULP or PULP.

    That said, I wasn't aware of BP's PULP was the same as Optimax when I pumped up at BP this passed weekend. I did not notice any difference in the ride???
  17. been using optimax in my gsx750f for a while with no dramas.

    given that bp servos have 91ronULP, 95ronPULP and 98ronPULP (with some other name) what is the equivalent of these to the shell fuel the 95 or 98?

    I might try the 98 just for something different.

    Interestingly my uncles 75KBMW (mid 90's model I think) will only run on the 98 nicely and he reckons if you try anything else it spits the dummy

    also whats pinging? technically I mean - I think i can recognise the symptoms but whats happening?


  18. Optimax is 98RON. PULP for most other stations is 95RON I believe :?:

    From vague memory :? - Pinging/knocking/detonation:

    It's when the fuel-air mixture is being burnt at an excessive rate, which results in autoignition of the end gas before it's suppose to. The piston motion and compression raises the temperature and pressure of the end gas to it's flash point where it autoignites and generates shock waves within the cylinder that creates the "pinging" noise.

    Please corrct me if I am wrong. It's been a long time since I last read my text books :LOL:
  19. Optimax is 98.
    BP has "PULP" which is 95 and "Ultimate" which is 98.
    Mobil 8000 I think is 95.
  20. According to the Mobil website

    Mobil 8000 is 98 RON

    while Mobile 2000 is 91/92 RON