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Bad-ass mutha fuoco rolls into town

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Loz, Dec 4, 2007.

  1. The Piaggio MP3 was an absolute hoot. All it needed was more power and better suspension. And here it comes, the evil Gilera Fuoco 500cc:


    Sadly, it's still an auto, so it *probably* won't wheelie. But I'll try. Oh, how I'll try.
  2. That looks like fun. :twisted:
  3. That thing looks rediculous! :rofl:
    it may be fun to ride but imagine all the people people pointing and laughing as you cruze down a strip! :rofl: oh please stop it hurts! :rofl:
  4. You're absolutely right - and then you hose them all over the shop, round the outside on the Bolte, through the burbs, shooting sparks at every turn... And the little coffeshop chicks LOVE EM!
  5. Begs a question I have wondered for some time.

    Why do no manufacturers make road registerable Quad bikes?
  6. What exactly does it transform into? And for that matter, what does it start off as? Obvious its halfway through a morph, right?
  7. Hold on tight dude, Yamaha's building a sporty road 4-wheeler with a big v-twin motor - the Tesseract.

  8. That's gotta be the ultimate gadget!! I waaaant one!!!
  9. MAYBE - But I bet we never see it here.

    But we will be seeing this. (Bombadier Can-Am)...and at 30k, I reckon it's a bargain. (Not that I'll be buying one)


  10. saw a piaggio in hobart today. funny lookin things. 500cc, will be fun to see a scooter beat a cibby at the lights for once :)
  11. Ive wondered in the past why people can't stick some blinkers onto a quad with some road tyres and get it registered?
    I think maybe once it has 4 wheels it falls into the car category for registration and compliance, and basically becomes impossible to register?

    Having said that, I remember being at Hamilton Island as a kid and majority of the vehicles there are golf carts and quads with road tyres, and I have some vague memory of the quads being registered? Might of been some special situation though for the location. (could be wrong altogether, this was like 15 years ago I was there)
  12. you can road register some quads in other countries, here is a link to a UK site advertising road legal quads


    , it also says you can drive/ride them with a car licence,

    Maybe Australian registration rules aren't flexible enough to allow this?

  13. Bargain!!!?????!!!!???????

    That thing looks like a jetski with wheels, theres no way i'd spend 3grand on that let alone 30
  14. 'Bargain' in terms of the amount of innovation that has been developed and utilized in this machine, from concept through to design and production. In terms of 'bang for buck' it is definitely a bargain. (compare it to sports bikes and sports cars) Have a look at the stats for this thing...it's a rocket-ship.

    However....I agree with you in one way....I wouldn't buy the thing either coz it's (IMHO) totally impractical and it's NOT a bike.
  15. That thing looks like something out of robotech or some other anime.
  16. Well I have just seen one in the flesh. I have two sitting on the floor in the workshop now. Looks fantastic to me anyway
    Very aggresive styling
  17. i'm a fan of the Fuoco !

    The MP3 just looks too feminine . . . the Fuoco has that tough street cred !

    Two Wheels mag has made a bold statement saying its going to be BOTY 2008 ! :eek:
  18. I wouldn't be surprised mate, that front end adds such a new dimension to motorcycling. The Fuoco must be a riot to ride, I'm hanging out to get my grubby mitts on one.

    It gets up the nose of the traditionalists, but everyone who rides one comes away bug-eyed and laughing like Scumbag after a double espresso.
  19. Which might be a little easier if you didn't scrap every low hanging bit and do stoppis and burnouts (With photographic evidence) of it's little cousin :LOL:
  20. Sif I'd spend $30k on something like that when I can buy something else with four wheels and hose it in the twisties.
    Nice gimmicks, but what's the point? Not as practical as a car, and not as fast as a bike.

    Regards, Andrew.