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Bad Ass Biker Masks...

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by david85dc, Jul 31, 2008.

  1. Hey Guys

    I'm wondering if anyone here wears those scary biker masks, for fun whilst riding?

    i was thinking of getting one off ebay unless you know a better place to get them?

    Would be funny to see someone wearing one of these masks on a nice summers sunday afternoon cruising around..

    obviously not going to work well on a full face helmet.. har...


  2. I voted no, but then never say never. They're certainly one of the more toolish accessories out there.
  3. I lol at blokes on harley's that wear these things to look tough. :grin:
  4. First... they aren't 'scary', well not unless you idea of scary is a creaky old ghost train at a run down amusement park.

    Second... don't ok, just don't :roll:
  5. I wore a skull mask last year on the Toy Run, along with my Silly Helmet Cover.
    Got a lot of laughs and waves from the kiddies. :LOL:
  6. That one could be awesome on those really cold days! + if you ever need to go to a ninja convention, you're covered ;D
  7. Someone wear one into a petrol station and see what happens.
  8. ... or bank.
  9. funny you should say that
    cause that's EXACTLY what I saw riding to work today - the scooter rider thought he looked tough too, and what was worse was he was wearing GOGGLES, not sunglasses.
  10. Goggles are about 1,000 cooler than sunnies.

    I did have a dream once of starting up a postie bike MC gang. If i was in Sydney, that shit'd be kicking off about now and y'all be jealous.
  11. haha....

    i think i might get one for laughs..
  12. My hatred of foggy visors/glasses means I automatically breath through my nose when I ride, which works well, except I find when you are wearing a mask or bandanna type rig. The hot air you breath out looks for an escape route from the covering and a lot of it comes back up causing fog.
  13. I bought this as a giggle and the first time I took my helmet off, a little old asian lady mounted the gutter with her car! lmao

  14. If you have to wear a mask to be "bad-ass", you are not "bad-ass". You're "try-hard"
  15. That's fairly common mate, might not have anything to do with it.
  16. LOL @ 1/4.
  17. or he may not have had the mask on at all
  18. You may be right ibast! :p

    I have been told that my best feature is the back of my head!