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VIC Backyard couch + cooler/fan available.

Discussion in 'Free To Good Home' at netrider.net.au started by undii, Apr 4, 2010.

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  1. Backyard couch + cooler/fan + few more items available.

    Hi, since we're moving, we've decided to not want to take some big things that were being used at times (so they are useful) but can't be bothered having them in our new place. We're basically Richmond but suburb is named Cremorne (and our street usually can't be found in maps under Richmond, so use Cremorne but we're next to hoddle street and 5 minutes walk from the MCG)

    1: A 'backyard' couch. Basically it's a 3 seater couch, afaik there isn't any damage to it. Both ends have arm rests, cushions are there. It's just fairly dusty/dirty from being in the shed for a while. Since we've had Cassandra (6 months old y/day), we haven't been having all night parties hence the couch hasn't been brought out for people to sit on. I definitely don't think it's "house worthy" but great for a backyard or shed. Pretty comfy but it's real dusty and my shoulder doesn't have the strength for me to clean this. Emma doesn't want to clean it either :)

    2: An evaporative cooler that leaks when water is in it so we gave it to our housemate (thought he was going to keep it but he just left it in the room when he left and 'forgot' the last 3 weeks rent. So much for 20 years of friendship + he always said he enjoyed being at our place. Oh well). He said it always kept him cool, even on hot days, the fan itself is good for a cooler, just not that extra bit cooler without the cold water. So he said it was an actual good cooler but we have aircon in the new house we're moving 2 along with 2 portable aircon units we have now. No need for any more! If you can fix the leak, I think it's about $300 to buy new, so not a bad saving there. Dimplex make it, also has a remote control.

    3 + 4: An Onix vacuum cleaner we bought from priceline for about $100. Also have a wertheim vacuum which costs $600ish brand new. It needs a new powerhead which was quoted about $200-$300 new from godfreys (which was the company we purchased from, just a different store). When it does work, it sucks up dirt AWESOME. (But just from googling I just did, seems these are prone to the heads stuffing up/dying. It's a 50/50 chance if you want it that it will keep working? I think it took 3 or 4 years of my often vacuuming before ours died.) A steam cleaner in our old place said how vacuums clean but don't get EVERYTHING. He said to be amazed at the colour difference when he does the steam clean on the ~4-5 year old carpet. Well, it made NO difference! LOL He looked a bit red in the face after that and just commented "Oh, your vacuum is pretty good". We have another semi expensive vacuum which is great hence I haven't bothered to get the head fixed/replaced on the wertheim. The head is still there so I can't say if it 'only' needs to get repaired or if it needs replacing. I'm a vacuum 'owner freak' who LOVES to vacuum so I got another vacuum instantly + not bothering to wait for it to get examined and possibly repaired. I also like ones with power heads to help compensate for my dodgy shoulder as it makes 'heavy' cleaning work a breeze so I can still vacuum even with my nerve damage :)

    5: A bench press that pretty much is perfect condition, just a little dusty. I set up the benchpress the same week I stuffed my shoulder (maybe for life) so hence it didn't get much use as Emma felt bad using it 'in front of me' so she went to gym to do weights etc. Its a little dusty in spots ut looks like there are no scratches etc which helps speed up corrosion so I'd say it's a keeper unless someone scratches it. Basically just a 'basic mode', benchpress, leg extension so the bench presses, leg exercises etc can be done, no lat pull down stuff etc. I haven't put the 2 ends at the 'head' section on as it was stored with them off and I was too seedy (2ish hrs sleep) when I put it out in the garage sale but no one hardly came (Easter is not a good time for a garage sale ;) ) and no one even looked at it from memory. We only actually had 3-5 actual sales but at least that was like $200 so the ad wasn't a dent in our pockets. Still, sold about $1500ish worth of stuff for $100 in one sale only because it was halfway through the allotted time and 3 groups of 1-2 people had actually been! Yes, I'm a bit iffed at that ;)

    6: Just remembered a 19" LG t910B CRT flatron monitor.It's still a 'big sized' CRT, just flatron is the front, as in the actual screen is flat and not rounded, so don't be deceived into thinking it's flat like an LCD monitor. Works fine, said housemate was given this as well but left it when he moved last week or so. It has some marks on the front but it's not scratches or damages, just marks I think. Can't say for sure if they can be cleaned off or not but it's nothing of a biggie imo. The VGA cable is inbuilt and has a power outlet for a standard 'PC power cord' to fit in, I'll see if I can find one to put with it, I do have probably 4 or 5 spare, locations at moment unknown. Having so much on our plates, it's hard to spend time looking for stuff, we're almost 100% flatout, well I am when I have the energy :)

    We're leaving here possibly Thursday, all depends if the 4 tonne truck can hold everything. If not, we'll be using my parents hiace to cart stuff until we hand the keys in Tuesday 13th April. Just let us know if you can pick up any of item(s) you want, either before we leave and we can arrange a time, if it has to be after Thursday, we'll leave it in the alley besides us and it is pot luck if it isn't picked up before you can grab it as LOTS of people in our area leave couches, chairs + what not in the alley which gets picked up usually within 1-2 weeks. I guess either by scavengers and/or the council, all depends the quality of the goods discarded there I guess.

    I'll take the first post who wants a particular unit (or more) as long as it is before we move Thursday(or they can pick it up on Thursday night or Tuesday morning since we will be at home to finish up the last of any cleaning etc before we hand the keys in around noon). I'd just rather it was able to be picked up with us knowing it's going to the right person rather than the 'vultures' who like to scour through rubbish to find stuff to sell :)

    If the past weekend + weeks of mental + physical exhaustive stuff I've been hasn't killed my brain totally, hopefully my post isn't full incomprehensible 'rubbish'. If anything looks amiss, please make a post asking for clarification and also if anything else is needed, information or whatnot.
  2. Update: Someone asked for the benchpress + wertheim vacuum so they're taken now.
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