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Backroads from western suburbs of melbourne.

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by carlos, Nov 7, 2011.

  1. I'm trying to plot a short ride on backroads. My bike can only go up to 90km an hour and is too small for freeway riding. (Audrey is only 160cc)
    I want to plan a mid week day ride from Western suburbs in Melbourne out of the traffic.Can anyone suggest a route along back roads I could take for a 1-2 hour ride?
    I was thinking trying to go Laverton, Bachuss Marsh and onto Trentham, does anyone know if this is possible off the freeway?
    Other suggestions very welcome

  2. Head out the back end of werribee down ballan road and keeo going till you hit a t junctio. turn right and youll be headed to bacchus. now if you get onto the western highway about 2 exits is pentland hills road. go over highway and left onto old western highway then right onto mryniong korobeit road to greendale. that road is bloody nice and takes you straight to trentham. always worth heading up mt macedon too. yes its a bit of highway but its only 10-15 minutes of it. the pain in the arse will be getting back without using the calder although i think there are other roads going through bulla and keilor.
    Hope that helped.
  3. Btw that ride without using hihway is always gonna take longer than 1-2 hours but well worth it. plenty of places to stop along the way tho.