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Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by jimmym, Feb 13, 2008.

  1. Hey everybody,

    Whats doin? I have just bought my first bike (a cibby :LOL: ) which I plan to commute to uni on (amoung other things) and it got me thinking, is there backpacks that are better for riding with? Does anything make them better for riding?

    Also, can anyone recommend decent boots for walking around all day in? Or should I just stick with shoes? Lots of questions I know but I do appreciate any help that I can get.


  2. I just buy cheap medium sized backpacks from aussie disposals. Usually only cost around 15 - 25 bucks.
    I don't see any need to spend mega bucks on fancy shmancy spendy ones.

    Boots? These are the ones I wear.. http://www.redwingshoes.com.au/boots5.htm


    Very comfy once broken in, but a bit spendy.

    Next pair I reckon I'll try some of these

    Rossi P134
  3. if you wear sneakers/normal shoes, you might as well go bare feet :roll:

    if youre after boots you can wear all day at Uni after riding in, i think you want something without all the fancy pants armour, which will hinder the walking comfort. and dont get anything with a waterproof (gortex etc) liner in it, as it will get stinking hot sitting there in class, when your ment to be going 60kmph+.

    or you could simply get a locker at uni like i did, then buy any riding boots u want, and simply change at Uni :grin:

    regarding backpacks, make sure you can do headchecks properly while your wearing the pack. and something with a chest and/or waist strap is good, it will keep the pack fixed in place so it wont slide off you if you move your arms around :shock:

    enjoy the pirate bike :grin: :grin:
  4. Hahaha eah I guess it is a good idea not to wear Raben's while ridig, I might just bring a change of shoes in the bag.

    As for bag's, I might go a standard caribee. Cheers for your help guys
  5. I have a backpack with a single diagonal strap, seems to work much better than my old normal pack with comfort head-checkability and ease of getting on and off (which sucked in my leather jacket with normal two strapper). It does move a bit initially but then settles in quite well.

    As for the boots I would definitely get a locker
  6. I have a 38lt backpack with a sternum (sp?) strap from a camping shop.
    I also use a large "man bag" I got from the motor show a couple of years ago that has a single long strap that goes over my neck almost sholder bag style. If it had a zip in the top it would be perfect.
  7. A nice feature for a backpack to have is a rain-proof cover that sits in its own little pocked and can be unfolded when it starts to rain.

    I'm still looking for a cheap unit that would have this feature ... in the meantime, I just wrap the contents in a garbage bag instead.
  8. You may want to get a very small padlock for the zips - had the zips come open on my backpack a few times. Fortunately it was empty at the time !!!
  9. Yeah, I still want to know how riders around Wollongong change gears while wearing thongs! Owie, metal gear lever against bare skin.

    Bootswise, I got a pair of Alpinestar Effex waterproof touring boots... Comfortable enough for walking in, very waterproof. Didn't have any real problems with them being too hot on hot days.

    Any of the leather 'touring' boots (like the Effex) are probably the best bet for overall practicality... Not easy to walk in plastic track-racing rocketboots. :)

    The Effex boots are a bit spendy ($300AUS?), but they continue to impress me with the range of temperatures and weather conditions they're comfortable to wear in. No idea how crashproof they are, but they offer a lot more impact protection and ankle support than thongs or sneakers. :)
  10. I got these http://www.setupaustralia.com/images/boots/UrbanBlack_600.jpg. Can wear them around all day no problem and less than $100. :grin:

    As for backpacks, I have a Jetpilot backpack. Unless it's fully loaded I don't even know it's there. Only complaint, the zipper is starting to piss me off. You have to ease it up or else the teeth don't lock together. doesn't do it all the time but as it gets older it is becoming more often. :(
  11. I got my backpack from a DFO (direct factory outlet) and saved about $20 on it, its an "High Serria" with lots of pockets 2 main compartments and a water proof cover hidden in a zipped pocket at the bottom of the bag.

    (change the xxx to w and com)
    wont let me post links yet.
    when there is nothing in it it flattens out alot.
  12. I have a nice medium sized Kathmandu back pack. That backpack has lasted me 5 years and counting of high school and now uni. I paid $80 bucks for it on sale, but it was the best $80 bucks I've ever spent on a backpack.

    The straps aren't worn, it has good padding, good space to fit all my books and has chest and waist straps which are good for keeping the straps together when I strap it down to the pillion seat of the cibby with a bit of bungee cord.
  13. I have one of these backpacks as it is one of the few that had a waterproof cover. I paid full price for mine, about $70 but it has been well and truly worthwhile as I use it all the time. I fly once or twice a week so it is great for carry on baggage and it has a padded section for a laptop. On the bike it has a top strap and a bottom strap to hold it onto you. I find I only use the top one unless the pack is fully loaded because it holds the straps in place well and the lower strap only mainly helps for back support. I can hold about 5 days worth of clothes and a pair of shoes in it so it can hold plenty or it flattens out nicely if you are only carrying a few things. All round its a good pack.
  14. Thanks for the review mate, just made my decision a whole lot easier. It sounds like just what I want so I am gonna take the plunge and get it. Cheers again.
  15. What's your buget? I know Crumper has a range of really nices looking backpack/ waterproof for about 150-200(Aus) while Peter Stevens has a range of backpack made for motorbike rider with hard plastic on the whole front of the bag with Repso colours/plain for about 250-300(Aus) If you have seen "Fast and Fourious 1" the part where Johnny chan is on the bake CBR 900 all the girls riding on the back are wearing them. With boots I'm wear Alpinestar SMX-R and once they have been broken into I can wear them all day.
  16. You may kile to have a look at the [urlhttp://www.andystrapz.com/hump_pak.htm]Hump Pak[/url] from Andy Strapz.



    I'd be thinking Andy Strapz for any sort of bike related baggage TBH.
  17. Just got a Crumpler "The Barney Rustle Blanket" today. Rode around the hood,getting uses to the feel. It was made specially for bike riding and active sports. Here is the specs:
    -vol 14 litres
    -messenger-style travel/day bag.
    -Water resistant 1000D Nylon shell & 420D Ripstop Nylon lining
    -1x retro reflective stripe
    -1x large external zip pocket
    -3x internal front pockets
    -Removable shoulder pad with "Third Leg" stability strap
    -Clip & Velcro release flap
    -Adjustable main strap w/ Quick Flick (TM) buckle and strap-trap accessory loop