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Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by OzzyDevil, Apr 13, 2013.

  1. Hi were would I get a waterproof back pack in melbourne? I was tossing up between a tail bag or a back pack and I thought backpack might be abit better.. trying to get one for tomorrow..

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  2. Paddy palians, Kathmandu or platypus all sell water proof back packs as would most Aussie disposal type stores.
  3. I rang army disposals and they had some backs but if it passed down rain water would get in still.. so I don't know if that would be a good idea...
  4. I prefer tail bags, I find using a backpack restricts my movement a bit. I purchased a Ogio No Drag Backpack but after a month or two I ended up using buying a tank bag which I use every ride basically & a tail bag when I know I need to carry a fair bit.

    my bad you were asking where to get them... duh.
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  5. I have a Kriega now after using a couple of garden variety packs I had at home. The others were ok for a quick trip but uncomfortable on longer trips. I did 650 km with 10 kg in the Kriega no worries. Waterproof dry sack kept everything dry in torrential rain last week. Love it; worth every cent.
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  6. I like the look at them bags..
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    Yeah they're great. I got the US20 and US10 and use it daily going to uni and it still look brand new after 1.5 year without any leaking. Apparently the backpack straps are designed so that you don't feel the heavy weight on your shoulders. They are expensive but I reckon it's worth the money. I think only the R30 and higher is waterproof though.

    Here's a review:
  8. Very nice might be something I will get for sure..
  9. Be aware that there can be a safety issue with backpacks which can aggravate spinal damage if you crash. Especially depending on what you're carrying.

    Having said that, there are specific motorcycle designed backpacks which can also function as back protectors. The American Boblbee brand is good but not cheap. http://www.boblbee.com/

    There's others around, Google is your friend.
  10. is true.
    straps can get hung up or snag. many will only carry luggage on their bike and never on their person.
    mines a kriega, but they are marketed as suitable for motorcycle use.
    i've had it for a long time and still in perfect condition.
    i don't like the hardcase types because i think you could risk further hyperextension of spine/neck should you land on them.
    the kriegas have a cumfy precurved fit. straps can adjust to sit higher on your back.
    i've found the 15 litre perfect for a day pack, commuting. adequate for lunch, wet weather gear, phone, drink etc.
  11. the tail packs are good too. they are fully waterproof. the 10 litre fits 3 longnecks perfectly
  12. i have a great dianese backpack, its made out of cordura, and attaches to a back protector which has all the straps on it, you do feel the weight but i rest it on my pillion seat when riding so i cant feel it. Just use it to go to uni, not sure of the name or if they still make them, its about 10 years old i inherited it from my dad after he stopped riding.
  13. I had a backpack, now I have a tail bag (US10 but I'd go the US20 next time around, Kreiga gear looks like it'll live forever so might just treat my self to a second one).

    Tail bag is by far the best solution if your riding anything more than five minutes down the road.
  14. I'm a long time user of Kriega tail packs which can also be worn on the body if needs must.

    With the backpacks you can get a Knox armour insert for the backpacks specifically built for the Kriega backpacks.

    There really is no other choice if you want, good build quality (10 year warranty) decent design (built for and by riders not just re-branded shite e.g. A* and Dainesse etc) and value for money (refer to the warranty Kriega expect 10 years without any issues).

    A lot of long term riders won't use anything else.
  15. Got sick of using backpacks due to the weight being carried on the shoulders (non-Kreiga) and have concerns regarding safety when carrying certain bulky items such as tools.

    +1 to Kreiga - I have the US-10 & US-20 tail packs (bought as the Combo US-30). @109er, I think the shoulder strap for the US-20 is only really of use when off the bike... notice how cockrocket was continually hitching up the bag as he was riding yesterday? Also note that there is no need to purchase the alloy strap hooks as Kreiga has been supplying them standard across the tail pack range since 2012.
  16. +1000 for Kriega... really top quality stuff
  17. Yeah I'm looking at the US20 and the US10 tail bag.. they look good and its what I need..
  18. exact set I have.. the US30 combo comes with the 20 and the 10.. perfect for day trips and longer rides too.. easy to mount 2 mins tops and they stay put.. and 100% waterproof as tested by many UK riders
  19. I got the Kreiga US20 today and I loved it :) Thanks guys for all your help with your advice :) I will get the US10 in a few weeks...