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Backpacker attacker not guilty

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by goz, Mar 16, 2010.

  1. Oh they'll be locked up.

    I reckon there's at least one Irish bloke in our system over here with a sense of justice...
  2. Attempted Murder is a specific charge and implies considered intention to kill, no argument the perpetrator is scum but the charge would not have been provable in court. The median prison term for the charges they will make stick GBH and Robbery in company is 3 - 4 years imprisonment.
  3. that was the guy that dropped and banged his head, wasnt it? That kinda leaves it at that, they didnt kill him (so its not murder nor manslaughter) they apparently werent intending to kill him (so not attempted murder). However, they are wide open to civil suits - which they deserve - as things progress down the track.

    Also agree with bonk, they're going to cop it, unofficially.
  4. i think his chocolate starfish needs to go from (o) to (O)
  5. and then you hear shit about this

    Elderly couple bashed in Perth home

    A 74-YEAR-OLD Perth man and his wife have been viciously attacked in their home after falling asleep watching television.
    The intruders, with towels wrapped around their heads, woke the couple and demanded money at knifepoint.
    Mr Pesce gave them his wallet, but when he asked them to leave, one of the men smashed a vase in his face
    "His 70-year-old wife was knocked to the ground, grabbed by her hair and dragged to their bedroom and asked for money,'' said the spokesman.

    fair dinkum, how piss weak do u need to be, where is this world heading to
  6. "what is going on with our system"...

    What about our system?
    Our legal definition of attempted murder?
  7. No, justice. How is it justice that this guy spends the rest of his life as (per lack of a better term) a vegetable, while the moron who did it spends 4 years in jail then goes back to doing the same (if not worse) things?

    Makes me sick to my stomach. Seems to be the trend though... 3 years ago when I turned 18, I'd go out each week and saw maybe one fight a month. Now, the venue I used to go to has at least one fight or bottling incident a week :-s World is going to hell ](*,)
  8. Generally speaking we are already there I'm afraid. The combination of a soft justice system, civil libertarians and the fact drugs and alcohol are more prevalent than ever, has led to an increase in disillusionment and a total breakdown of the family unit. The very fabric of a civilized and decent society that not so long ago existed, has run its race.
  9. The problem here isn't the court, it's the penalties for the charges.

    This guy probably isn't guilty of attempted murder (seriously), but the penalties for GBH occasioning permanent harm aren't adequate.

    At the end of the day he deserves 10 years in jail but it should be because of what he did and not what he didn't do.

    2 to 4 years for assault causing GBH is grossly inadequate.
  10. OK I'm missing something. The jury verdict for not guilty for attempted murder is exactly right and the prosecution probably always knew it was a long shot.

    Where is the 2-4 years for GBH coming from? that's not it the article. did I miss something. GBH is good for 20 years(from memory) if the judge think the circumstances warrant it.
  11. CLARIFICATION: 20 years is the maximum penalty applicable for GBH particularly with the additional charge of Robbery in company. 3 - 4 years is the average penalty issued for this offense based on previous cases in state jurisdictions. My original point was that the charge of Attempted murder was not provable because of the long standing definition of Murder.
  12. I would love to get me hands on these pricks.... I'd be willing to go up for charges myself in this case. Weak cowardous scum I'd tear into them with a massive grin across my face.
  13. Only problem is the police who used to deal out a bit of backroom justice and keep the thugs inline, also were the 1's taking kickbacks and controlling what crime goes on where.
    I just finished reading Trevor hakens book about his life as a detective the royal commision ect. It raises interesting points, in the corrupted system the police always knew who was doing what and would set boundaries not to be crossed, ie civillians hurt or dealing to kids, and if the boundaries were crossed, you would be locked up 1 way or another by way of a fix up. but under that system there is also never a option to try and completely eradicate some of the worse evils, as if it were all gone where would the corrupt police make money