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Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by tunelliner, Apr 7, 2008.

  1. hey does anyone have any suggestions on choosing a good "riding" backpack... i'm currently lookin for one so when i commute to uni on a bike, i am able to fit my jacket, helmet and other assorted crap into it

    i was searching around and the joe rocket blaster backpack looks really goood... but i can't seem to find any aussie online stockists or a general aussie dollar price for it.

    what other backpacks would be suitable.. a normal one would do right?

    hope to get some feedback pleaseeee :)
  2. I bought mine from Ray's Outdoors, done me a few mths before I upgraded to a tailbag. The ole backback just didn't seem to fit as much crap as I like to have handy. :)
  3. If you want it to fit your jacket, helmet and other stuff it would have to be pretty darn big.

    What about the IXON X-CEED BAG?

    Recommended Retail: $114.95

  4. i had a bit of a geeze at the kriega backpacks but there damn expensive.
    made of the goods though and not in some sweatshop either

    looks like they would be really comfortable.
    i gave up trying to find bag to carry all my stuff in it gets too heavy.

    i just wear it and put up with it. carry the helmet round as my helmet lock would involve leaving my brain bucket on the exhaust :?
    great design from kwaka there
  5. I used a backpack for ages on my old bike before I got the GPX, and one of the first things I did (After tires, before wax) was to get a rack with a bag.
    While it may 'ruin the lines of the bike' (As told to me by someone on a ZX2R :LOL: ) I found the extra carrying capacity well worth it.
    What I do is carry an old Caribee backpack in the bottom of it, If I need to carry more small (Light) items I get it out. Larger ones I use home made tie down straps and secure it to the seat in front of rack.

    While the bag was fantastic for small items, I found if I tried to carry 4 bricks of nailgun nails in it, it really *weighed* on me. I wouldn't want to ride a long distance with anything on my back which pushed me around. As of yet I haven't had any problems with things like a slab strapped down on the seat.
  6. oh thanks guys.... alternative i think i might just get a smaller bag so i can stuff my jacket in there... i dunno how small is small, but i certainly dont wanna have a backpack that'll make me look like im camping on campus for a week or two :LOL:

  7. A tankbag with backpack straps built in????

    I have an oxford one, magnetic to the tank, quick and easy.

    I don't like the idea of an "off" with a backpack on. Landing on things like keys and lighters can hurt.
  8. I have a huge one. I can fill it with enough clothes to last 7 days at the island with toiletries as well.

    Got it from Peter Stevens about ooohhhhhh ages ago.

    Was about 50 bucks. Has a compartment at the bottom that you can separate with a zipper to store your helmet in.

    I had it weighing about 20kg one year. Awesome backpack.

    Now I just use the Panniers, tailbag and tankbag :)

    Gotta love BMW lugguage
  9. I just bought a High Sierra laptop backpack after seeing one that a colleague has.

    Got mine off ebay but Strand Bags also sell them for $80 ...

    Plus points:
    - can hold up to a 17" laptop and is well padded to protect it
    - has a built-in rain cover
    - has lots of straps including one to link across your front, a full waist strap and others to take up the slack of empty space.
    - lightweight
  10. I've got the same backpack as Rybky and it is pretty good for alot of situations. Lots of pockets and extremely comfortable. I only use it for a run to the shops though. For most trips I prefer my tailbag as it offers more freedom of movement.