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Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by paddo_hornet, Jul 13, 2006.

  1. I'm going shopping for a new backpack to use on the bike. Does anybody have any recommendations? Is the extra money for a motorcycle branded bag worth it?

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  3. ummm i bought a blackwolf backpack which im pretty happy about. It has chest straps and straps on the bag that can squash everything down. Also great thing about it (reason i bought it) is that it has a rain pouch that slips over the bag to stop it getting wet.

    Crumplers are good but damn what are they $150 or so
  4. I have bought $30-$40 (biggish) backpacks from kmart and they have everything I need. Metal spine, holes for drinks/walkmans if you like, seem to be of strong make, I only had to buy a new one because the ambo guys cut the buckles on my backpack 'to get to me'

    Lots of compartments/zips/pockets inside to fit all sorts of stuff. Very handy :)
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  7. Agreed.
    You don't need some "motorcycle specific" backpack, any old one does the job just fine.
  8. I've just bought an Axio hardpack from www.rushfaster.com.au

    awesome bag! And it keeps my laptop nice and safe :)

    A bit of a splurge though, but meh... i sleep easier knowing that if I do come off, my laptop might fair ok!
  9. I wouldn't go for a satchel on a bike, it will have a tendency to swing around and knock your arm.

    I usually go for one of two packs. I have a 75L Blackwolf hike pack, it has great wide sholder straps and a good waist belt, meaning you can keep good controll of the pack and it doesn't swing around. the one issue I do have with it is that it sits up prety high behind your helmet and can cause your helmet to get nudged forward. this can be aleaviated someonewhat by lossening the sholder tensioners, though this alows the pack to swing around a little more. if i don't have to much weight in it I can full on get my arse off the seet and the knee out while waring this pack. The second is a little no name brand 35L. it is prety comfortable but lacks the wide straps of the BW, so with the same weight puts more load on the sholders. Also the Waiste belt is a complete waste of time (No Pun intended) and so it is more likely to swing around, and you can't take any real weight there.

    When it comes to bang for buck, the black wolf packs are prety good. They will match something like a Caribee for material quality, but are a much better designed serios pack. no they won't compare to a one planet pack, but that is a serios serios hike pack and probably not what you need for riding around with some beer on your back.

    Oh and a note about crumpler. They are more a style over substance product. Good as fasion bags go, but not a form follows function type product.
  10. Sounds exactly like mine, and I'm happy with mine too, good quality stuff!
  11. I had the same issue with [Shoulder packs], except on (pedal) bikes :( and scooters.

    EDIT - WOOPS - i dont mean "satchels" i mean "shoulder packs"


    Perhaps thats what falcon lord is refering to?
  12. "use on the bike" means what? What sort of distances are you planning on using it for? What sort of weight will it carry? What items will you be carrying in it (eg. laptop?)? It would recommend against a backpack if you are planning on carrying a full load for long distances, unless it's large/long enough so that it actually sits on the pillion seat and thus supports it's own weight. But even then, the shoulder strain etc. ... probably still recommend against a backpack.
    If you just thinking to/from work and around town, maybe lightly loaded for day rides etc ... then any pack that has what you need would be fine, and doesn't need to be any bike specific pack.
  13. Never had a problem with this on my ride, and I see plenty of them out there. If you get one of the broader ones that the couriers use it would probably be fine on any bike, but the hessian satchels are only suitable for a more relaxed seating position.

    I have a Dririder pack (courtesy of making Hornet600 laugh, thanks mate!) which is great on the bike as the straps loosen off a LONG way, making it easy to put on over gear. Comes with a storm cover, but its reasonably splash-proof as-in. I agree with the comments about "don't need a motorcycle brand one" though - waste of money, just like Camelbaks (Big W, $19).

    But for those of us with pillion seats, just occy strap the pack to that, then it doesn't matter WHAT you're using.
  14. If it's for just around town get any backpack just make sure it has chest buckle/straps because sometimes the shoulder straps can slip off and it becomes annoying pulling them back up all the time..
  15. I use a Mountain Design day backpack from my travel/hiking backpack. So comfortable because its designed for long hikes and it has a chest strap also to keep it in place.

    I suggest going to a Kathmandu or Paddy Palin and buy a day-pack from there. You know they are designed for comfort and reliability.
  16. Yeah we are talking about the same thing... bags that go over one sholder.

    Yeah but you ride a jason recliner mate. lean forward a little and see what happens
  17. Ive got a Berghaus I picked up from Paddy Pallin, Only 25 litres but great little pack and waterproof as well. :)
  18. Ouch 120 for a 25 leter pack... though the straps look nice.
  19. I believe he wrote "backpack" not handbag

    Yeah it can be a biatch to get those westcoast coolers home