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Backpack !!!??

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Mayhem81, Feb 18, 2013.

  1. I've just started riding and realised that you cant carry a friggin thing on a bike,My bike, a Ducati Monster has enough room under the seat for a helmet lock and nothing much else !!!
    I don't feel as though i am old enough:finger: for Tank bag,or saddle bags etc so i just wan't a Decent backpack, does anyone here have one that they like or know what i should look for in one .
    I just need it to carry my fight gear Shin Gaurds, Gloves towel etc I think 25-30 liters should so the job .
    Any reccomendations ??

  2. Have a look at kriega, 100% waterproof & guaranteed for 10 years. (from memory). They are designed for bikes so will fit over armour and have very good fitting mechs. I've used the tail packs for years in all weather without 1 failure. Relatively cheap too.
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  3. yeah great gear the kriega stuff.

    cheap compared to a rack , but not cheap per se, but good quality

    i have an r25 the way it does up , means it doesnt interfere with your arms or riding, really clever.

    http://www.kriega.com.au/ KRIEGAbag.
  4. I have tried the Alpinestars Tech Aero (expensive!) and find it too stiff and the key helmet holder feature I didn't end up using much. Best one for me that I use every day now is a Kathmandu day pack for skiing cos it is jacket and glove friendly with large ring pulls, hip and sternum buckle etc. Even has a pocket for a water bladder. I bought a separate backpack rain cover (easy as they come in standard sizes for the day packs) which I keep in the pack until I need it.
    If you can find a streamline adventure pack and tuck the straps in so they don't flap around, the motorcycle brands one are expensive and come in Boring colours. They are not necessarily better.
  5. Make sure the backpack has a strap that can detach via a clip.

    When you are wearing your armour, it's a pain in the ass to try and get both arms in and out. If you have one strap that detaches, you only need to slip one arm in and out which is very easy, then you just throw the other strap over your shoulder and clip it together, or just detach the clip when taking it off.

    I never thought about it when buying a backpack, but my Alpinestars backpack has that feature and I now realise it is gold!

    A waterproof cover that you can pull out over if it's raining is good too!

    I have the Alpinestars Charger backpack which has a 17 litre capacity.

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  6. It depends on how often you will use the backpack and what you will store.
    Something like a kriega is quite expensive, but if you use your bag often, and fill it up regularly and ride in all weather then it is money well spent.
    If you will use it once or twice a week and carry small or soft items in the sun, then a cheap Big W bag will do you fine.

    I used to use my backpack to get all my work gear to/from work every day plus use the bike as my main transport out of work. I went through a cheapy bag every month. I got my bag from a defence supplier, slightly cheaper than a kriega, but same quality. I haven't had a problem in 5 years.
  7. I got an Ogio "No Drag" (http://ogio.com/no-drag) backpack when I started riding ~4 years ago - looks like this:


    It's been pretty good in terms of wear & tear - only problem I've ever had was one of the ring tab thingies on one zip slider broke off the other day. Still usable since there are two sliders on that zip, so I can just use the other one instead.

    Having said that, it was expensive, it's not waterproof, and definitely not comfortable to ride with - I don't know how other backpacks compare to this one, but I find that the way the weight sits on my back and shoulders really restricts my movement. It's quite a big bag and maybe that has something to do with it - its size also means it gets very hot having it pressed against your back in summer.

    I'll be getting a tail pack as soon as I can afford it, but in the meantime if you're super keen on a backpack I'd recommend getting one that's only just big enough to fit your essentials and no bigger - take all the stuff you want to carry to a shop and try a few different bags to see which ones are big enough.
  8. I just use a normal backpack for commuting or day trips, I use the one I take snowboarding which is an older version of this - Dakine Heli Pro DLX
  9. i use a Vaude backpack to take my workboots and workclothes in. It has the vent systems that keeps it off your back so it doesnt get hot and sweaty. it also has the facilitty to carry a bladder for drinking water. the backpack i bought from a bicycle store and the bladder from BCF store. I have used it for years and not a prob with it.
    Check out bicycle and camping stores to guage the size you want. Good luck.

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  10. Grab the Kriega 30. I have the 25 and it just fits my gloves, shoes, rope and a pair of shorts/t-shirt.
  11. I can't help with a backpack but I have the Ogio stealth tail bag for my Monster. Works really well, very simple to tie down and release.

    No restriction whilst riding = Win
  12. Strange you say old enough. The first thing my son (18 at the time) fitted to his FZ6N was a ventura rack. Personally, I'd get a tank bag, tail bag or ventura rack/bag, much more comfortable.
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  13. Kriega. No question
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  14. Magnetic tank bag . Easy on / off. I've got one, an rjays I think? It's got some zip out shoulder straps to make it into a backpack. Easy.
  15. If you want something that's not going to break the bank and does a fantastic job - I'd recommend a Black Wolf backpack.

    I use the Tomahawk 35L which is really designed for school purposes (has a padded spot for a laptop). Since I've finished up at university, I no longer need the laptop place but it's plenty big enough to carry my fight gear (BJJ gi and a small towel / water bottle).

    It also has a waterproof raincoat which works very nicely. I've ridden in the rain many a time and the bag's inbuilt raincoat works like a charm.

    If you want to check out some Black Wolf stuff - head to www.bagworld.com.au. They also sell a bunch of other bags. But seriously, I have 3 black wolf backpacks and all are in good condition after several years of use. Great quality products and well priced.

    Some of the motorcycle specific bags I've seen are quite expensive and the reviews aren't usually fantastic. After doing a bit of research I decided to go with my current Black Wolf bag (and I'm glad I did!)
  16. I resisted hard luggage for years, but you know what? Life with a top box is good. 2 seconds to remove it.
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  17. I just use a Crumpler Messenger bag for my daily commute. It is water resistant only but I never had any issues.

    It's also got an under arm latch system so pretty secure at all speeds.
  18. Magnetic tank bag wont help on a plastic tank cover!

    I have a ventura rack on my m1100 evo, and wouldnt be without it.
    Looks a bit daggy, but 46 l of carry everday, every weather is the 'ducs guts'

    Just too practical.
  19. messenger bags belong in the cruisin scene.
    top boxes look stupid.
    ventura luggage is shit.

    + 1 for kriega. love it.
  20. I have the Kriega 30. Its a fantastic bag, use it everyday. Fully waterproof and quite a lot of storage space to.

    Was using a 'normal' backpack prior to this and the Kriega is light years ahead, really light and comfortable to carry around. Would never buy any other backpack!!