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Backpack with Aero Hump?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Gda, Aug 7, 2009.

  1. Iam looking to purchase a backpack so i can commute to and from work.. doesnt have to carry tons shoes,cover,wallets etc thats one the reasons i was looking at a backpack and also to keep with my sports bike theme but the problem iam havin is i have an alpinestars RC jacket with a aero hump my question is..

    Is there any bags that are better for humps or should i look at something different or.. taking the bump out..? :?
  2. Go the Tankbag. You can carry all your gear you'll need (especially if you buy an expandable model) then when you stop it's just a quick lift off the magnets and you're ready to go. My old one had a decent carry handle on the top, or there was a detachable strap if I wanted to sling it over a shoulder. Very versatile and will fit most bikes so a good one will last you years, be adaptable and won't be gear specific in case you change your leathers. It's also going to be better for you in the case of an off as you won't have this extra hump on your back getting in the way. Just my thoughts anyway.
  3. +1

    I always wore a backpack for commuting, same as you just carrying shoes and stuff. Then I bought A* MX-1 jacket with hump and the backpack wasn't so comfortable any more. Now I use a tankbag and I find it much more convenient.
  4. ty all for your solid advice :grin:

    looks like a tankbag is the way to go...
  5. ohh! ive never though of that! ive got a RC1 which is fantastic. Ill look @ tankbags now!
  6. Try a tail bag instead. It wont scratch the tank, won't get in your way when charging hard and won't get in your way when filling up. Tank bags are old school.
  7. +1

    I have the R25 backpack as well as the US10 (tail pack). the R25 is sweet as. previously i've been using a joe rocket crap. it really got in the way of my riding. top of the bag pushes against the back of my helmet and i could feel the bulk. the R25 just feels so tight and compact. i still know that i've got the bag, but it doesn't bug me at all.

    only thing it needs: a pocket in the front, for keys, 'phone, $ etc. i'm thinking motoGP, in the queue for the parking paddock and fumbling around for the correct change.

    now, the tailpack. i use it when i want to feel totally free. i use on my daily commute - lunchbox, change, workout gear. if it gets too heavy, the strapdowns can give way. i've had instances on the monash where i feel the bag bumping my back. but generally it's good.

    in hindsight these are the bags i should have gotten, instead of all the other crap. 'nuff said.
  8. By the looks of it the Kriega R25 is not waterproof?

    I use a dfrnt brand backpack for commuting and I carry a laptop. I have to wrap the laptop in a garbage bag to keep it dry in the rain (and the rest of the bag gets very soggy :()

    That brand with the monkey looking logo (can't remember the name) is meant to be waterproof but they are priced from between $230-300 :shock:

    Can anyone confirm what these Kriega is like in the pissing down rain?

    Edit: Ah I fond it...from site:
    A rucksacks ability to keep the rain out is achieved through design - airflow, zip covers, water shedding seams and quality of materials. All these factors are carefully considered, and built into Kriega bags, but, whilst our fabric is 100% waterproof, passing it through a sewing machine inevitably punctures it with thousands of tiny holes. Consequently, during persistent rain, some water is eventually going to soak in through the seams .
    We design our packs with water shedding seams, zip covers and water resistant zips (on some models) which help stop the ingress of water. But for a 100% waterproof rucksack you must use a liner which has taped seams and a roll-over top
    25 Litre - $55
  9. i've been caught in the rain a number of times. the recent rains in melbourne's been making my commute soggy, cold and wet. but my stuff has never gotten wet, both in the R25 and the tail packs.

    that was also my concern, and i was happy with my findings.

    this morning i have my US20 tail pack in the drizzle and then rain. my stuff stayed dry. last week with the R25, riding down eastern fwy in the rain and my stuff also stayed dry.

    just to be safe, maybe water resistant, not waterproof. but they've been holding up well so far. by the way i've been using them daily for the past 4 months.
  10. Ah cheers for that...I might look at getting one.
    With those US__ 'tailbags' they just seem to either connect to the backpack or there is an adapter for using is as a tank bag. Is that right, or by 'tailbag' do they also mean it secures to the tail/pillion seat of the bike?
  11. you can get a tankbag adaptor. from memory it's around AUD$40. i bought it but have yet to use it. i thought i might as well save on shipping by getting everything in one go.

    the USx models can attach to one another and the the backpack too. kind of like a lego system. i've not had the need for such expansion yet. they mainly get positioned on the pillion seat. you run the straps under the pillion seat and then they snap onto the bags. you can then tighten them, and the bag will sit there nicely.

    one thing about the USx tailpacks though, the top of the bags are not transparent plastic like you see on most tank bags. so if you're thinking about putting your map or iPhone or whatever, that might not work.
  12. God I love 'modular'/expandable/lego-ish stuff...such a sucker for gimmicks that work :LOL:

    That all sounds freakin' awesome and I might get one/some. Sweeeet, ta :grin:
  13. cheap tank bag

    Aldi just finishing selling bike stuff have tank basg for $29
    yep cheap chinese stuff but mines been used everyday for the last 18 months, all good still, and I only use one fo the bags, the shoulder slung one is like new still, compact but practical
  14. Yep, I have an Aldi tank bag I bought about 18 months ago too :) been fine, I'm pretty happy with it.

    But I am doing a bit of long distance touring, so last night I ordered some Kreiga gear (after the link posted here - thanks guys :grin:). I got the "US-30" - a combo of 20L and 10L tailbags.


    Plus This

    Equals this - mounts together on tail:

    All 100% waterproof. I like the fact that it is not on my back, or in front of me on the tank. There is no frame I have to install and the weight isn't too far back like a Ventura rack. And the waterproof-ness-issity of it - I commute with a laptop. Was probs with either weight/non-waterproofness of a backpack and I didn't wanna put it near magnets in the tank bag.

    $209 + $15 delivered. I'' put up a review after I do my NSW tours and my TAS tour.
  15. Morbo - will those carry a 17 laptop fine?
  16. I worked out the dimensions for my small MacBook (33 23cms).

    The dimensions of the US-20 pack is 400 x 260 (an 190mm deep)

    So check your specifications...let us know :)