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Backpack for hunchbacks

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by LineNoise, Aug 30, 2010.

  1. Looking for a backpack that will hold a 17" laptop and sit over my Dainese Santa Monica jacket's hump without being ludicrously uncomfortable.

    Any recommendations of stuff I should look at?

    Also, waterproof would be a nice bonus but I'm happy to ziplock the laptop if the weather's looking a bit dubious.

  2. kriega bags can be quiet big and are good quality. However they are also $$$.
  3. i got a kriega backpack, they are top quality and made to last.
    over you hump?.. dunno, adjust the straps and let the backpack sit lower own your back, they have a fair bit of adjustability, if that's even a word, for length of the shoulder straps... should work.. i think... maybe... dunno really
    ,but yeah anyway +1 for kriega
  4. Will check them out. I've been told the Axio's might be worth a look too but similarly, big bucks.

    Happy to spend a bit of money though, the laptops worth a lot more than the backpack will be :p
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  7. Hi Hi. My parter and I both have Black Wolf 'Tomahawk' laptop backpacks., IMO awesome. $65 plus free delivery = awesomeness. They have a little raincover that you pull out the bottom & it fits over the bag - even when very full. It can hold a LOT of stuff (work gear, runners + gym gear for after work + lunch) & holds my work laptop 15.4inch - High Sierra have a 17inch model witha rain cover but I can't speak on quality. Here is the link for the blackwolf http://www.bagworld.com.au/shop/detail/blackwolf-tomahawk-35-15.4-15.6--laptop-backpack-/

    We love these backpacks because they have the tighteners/side compression straps that means we sit our backpacks on our ventura racks and wrap the straps around the bars, snap them in place and tighten - no strain on back when have all my shit in there :)

    hope that helps you - or anyone else looking for a good backpack