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Backpac or Satchel .. Your preference

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Scorpious31, Jul 24, 2006.

  1. Whats your preference when riding and carrying stuff. a backpac or a satchel?.
    Whats your reasons..style ,safety ,convienience or practicallity.or some other reason.

  2. backpack hands down.

    More secure (ie, two shoulder straps, waist strap and chest strap)

    I think if I had a satchel, the thing would be very distracting flapping around in the wind and moving on my body.
  3. Ok, in the true spirit of Netrider, where someone asks "Should I buy a Suzuki or a Honda?" and someone else comes in from left field and says "My cat just died!", can I suggest that IF you have a rack of some sort then a fixed bag not attached to your person is the best bet, failing which something like an Oxford tank bag, magnetic-type, is also preferable..

    {Oh, and both my my cats are fine, thanks for asking...}
  4. I reckon it depends what you want to carry mate.

    I will happily carry little things, or documents in a satchel but anything more and i'll go the back pack cause its more balanced i reckon.

    But as Paul said, out of preference i tecd to chuck things in the tank bag or panniers. However, if your leaving the bike in the street you wouldnt want to leave the tank bag on or leave anything in the panniers...so in that case the bag would be better.
  5. agree x110000
    I have a satchel at the moment, i hate it. Its only temporary untill i get my bike back and can use the rack again. (loaner doesnt have a rack)
    Ive had stuff fly out of the satchel, and it moves around your body too easily anyway. Try carrying all your food shoping home in a satchel and you will definetly see what i mean; no matter how tight you tie it it still moves around.
    its ok for really small light stuff but I wish i had a backpack.
  6. kanvas sling bag... cheap nasty and I dont care if it dies. Unlike my $250 mountain hiking bag packed full of clothes and cd's. I miss that bag :( It saved my back the day I killed my cbr, tore both straps off it and near flattened it.... Which reminds me I have to get a back protector.
  7. Backpack for sure! It dosn't move around as much
  8. Hahaha, best post ever.

    But yeah, I prefer a backpack. I've tried to use my Crumpler satchel, and it just swings around too much. The amount of times I've done a right-hand turn and had the bag swing itself loose from my back and end up hanging under my arm, it's bloody annoying.

    My Crumpler backpack on the other hand has the good ol' two straps, and a clip to hold the two straps up nice and tight by connecting them across my chest.

    Makes me look like a soldier it does. :wink:
  9. back pack for me too
  10. currently I use a backpack - more balanced than a satchel. and satchels just look like "man bags" to me.

    but when I ride the hornet, i'll be utilising the ventura rack!
  11. depends on what im carrying....
  12. Canvas sling bag, have shoulder strap fully extended, bag will sit low and towards the rear of your body whilst riding, shoulder strap goes over shoulder, down the chest and under other arm, very comfy, doesn’t constrict any of your body movement, big bonus - can get stuff in & out of it whilst your riding, also cheap as chips and available in black.
  13. I use nothing but single strap backpacks. Not a satchel. i have several and the all sit the same way as a backpack. Yes if i bend over to tie my shoelaces they shift but i have never had an issue on the bike. I find them easier to get on and off and more accessable (as duHast said).
  14. Thanks all, :)
    What I carry is only small such as munchies wet weather pants ect wallet you get the idea.As a fairly new rider I am interested in others opinions hence the question.I have almost no one else to ask so you guys are it.

    I value others opinions and then decide if I will use the advice myself.

    I dont have any paniers or top box kind of stuff as you can see in the pic...


    Keep up the good work
  15. i used to use a backpack to commute to work but found that when i got to work my right shoulder would always be sore, tried different backpacks and adjustments but always had the same problem. Got a top box fitted and is 100% better, its made by Givi and is big enough to hold enough stuff for a day out and can hold quite abit of groceries if i need to also. doesnt look that flash but looks the part with my road/trail commuter. Costs roughly $250-$300 for the box and then about $150 for the brackets. not cheap but worth it. If i get a different bike all i need to do is buy the brackets for the next bike. It is 100% waterproof and lockable also.
  16. I recently bought a tank bag.


    Why did I wait so long to get one.
    They are awesome. (well, until you need to fuel up and on a twin, thats often :) )
    Aside from that it's brilliant.

    $59 off ebay, medium sized one, 21cm over all height and carries a heap of things.
    Sunnies, keys, visor cleaning stuff, wet pants, gloves, spare visor, camera yadda yadda.

    Had it on on the weekend and it didnt get in the way at all. It was good to have access to stuff that I wanted without having a bag pulling on my shoulders.

    I promised a few pics of the bag, i'll do them later today and post them up.

  17. my cat just died