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Backmasking... lp's and cd backwards.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by ward_4e, Dec 11, 2006.

  1. wow... not surprising statn is one of teh most refferenced... prety cool still pokemon isnt really much of a shock...


  2. heh heh, this schtik was going round the right-wing fundamentalist churches in the 80s, as was the supposed satanic powers of cabbage-patch dolls (levitation and all!!!).

    You can hear anything if you want.....

    {psst, my Netrider membership number is 1666 :LOL:}
  3. I used to read alot about this crap. I loved one book (Christian of course) that claimed Country music was the ture music of the Devil. The reasoned that because it's slower it makes you drink more* and therefore you succumb to the temptations of Satan more easily... :LOL: :twisted:

    *They did some hokey BS study 'confirmed' this 'fact'
  4. Ummm, was there supposed to be evil "messages" in there somewhere?

    I think I missed em. :cry:
  5. Evil is relative, I remember David Cassidy played forwards.........unadulterated hell, pure evil.
  6. No, you only get evil messages from live albums........
  7. I can't make out any actual words in reverse,

  8. :) its like religon you have to believe tha you can hear and see something... with out being called crazy... :LOL: I am so going to hell...