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backlights for display come on when I brake?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by ward_4e, Oct 26, 2006.

  1. This is definatley going down as a wired wierd one and I need some help. Lastnight I was flagged down by a cop no probs welcome to the gold coast, your from tas Its ok you have a month etc blah blah blah like your bike just get the brake light fixed? So with him there we triple checked the brake lights and indeed one was blown.

    Hava good night thankyou i'll fix it tonight and I put two new globes in my rear light now my display lights up eveytime I brake for trafic... It didnt before and it does now? one lighting circuit cant light up my display their two seperate circuits?

    any pointers anyon should I just rip them out and try again or spend the next two days checking the wiring for the lighting.
  2. It is an earth/short problem. Power is running back to earth through your running light circuit.
    As this happened with new bulbs, I would immediately suspect a bad bulb (touching elements will cause this), or a bad/dirty bulb socket. Maybe a bad earth at the tail lights, but I suspect bulbs.
    I don't think it's anything more than this.

    Regards, Andrew.
  3. MMwahahahahah.....

    It's the Prince of Darkness, Ward. His malevolent spirit still wanders the highways and byways looking for hapless Trumpy owners to afflict with irritating lttle gremlins. Nothing to worry about. :wink:
  4. edit: Stoopid server :evil:
  5. edit: oh, FFS :roll:
  6. Could the bulbs be the wrong voltage? I seriously doubt this would be a problem, but as you said it is a weird one. :)
  7. typical.... i just bankshed the bastard and left him to dwell in van diemonsland and he tracks me down again... well thats is no more satanic goth parties for me... :roll: you always end up with white face... a rash, smelling of pvc and leather... :wink: :shock:

    ok I'll pull gobes check the sockets and then check the switching gear... I dont think its a voltage problem.... but we will see...
  8. Incorrect bulbs OR when you inserted and twisted you shorted the tail and brake connection at the back of the socket. I had this happen in a ford falcon , replaced a brake/tail lamp, then if you left your foot on the brake you could take the key completely out of the ignition and the engine was still running until you released the brake. The mechanics at the local ford dealer asked "have you just replaced a brake light" when I rang to book it in (company car).
  9. [img:750:600:7146d5485f]http://www.uploadthis.co.uk/uploads/Ktulu/illfixit.jpg[/img:7146d5485f]