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Back to the studio, then off to America

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by edgelett, Jul 21, 2009.

  1. hey everyone
    sorry it's been a long time since i've been a regular contributer here...just flat out with work/band at the moment

    But here is some news!

    Firstly, the band & I are starting work on our first full length album in 1 week! We're going to be recording some tracks we've been playing live over the last 12 months, plus some brand new unheard stuff so we can't wait. We're taking our time on this one, so expect it to be a ripper. Might not be out for more than 6 months though lol.

    And in 16 days I'm heading to the USA with my darling boyfriend for the holiday of our lifetime! I'll try to post here & there & let you all know I'm alive. no riding unfortunately, but will be doing a chopper flight over the grand canyon at sunrise!

    when i get back i hope to have more spare time to pop on & say howdy too lol
  2. Have a great holiday :grin:
  3. hey Tash, great news on both counts. Enjoy the sights and sounds :).
  4. Good luck with the recording, don't be scared to micromanage it like a little Hitler, you guys know what you're doing and you know what rocks and what don't.
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  6. Good luck with the recording and enjoy the trip! Where are you going to in the States?
  7. Best of luck Edgy!!! Studio work is awesome fun!
  8. Congrats Tash !!!

    Enjoy your holiday ... lucky bugger :p
  9. chicago first to visit some friends, then off to Colorado for a trip in the rockies before we drive to vegas via the grand canyon!
  10. If you guys come back married, with photos of some Elvis dude, like two of my other buddies just did, I will personally ride all the way to your door to give you the wedgie you will so richly deserve. If not, carry on then!
  11. hmm...it's almost tempting enough to do that, just to get your arse over here again!
  12. Yay Tash. Have a ball, mate.
  13. sounds like your having a great time, good on ya for having a go
  14. Just remember, when I wedgie somebody, they STAY WEDGIED. I don't wanna have to rustle up a special wedgie for Edgie.
  15. aweeesommmme! congratulations, hope to see lots of pics!!
  16. At least drive through Zion national park. You can do a loop from the Grand Canyon via Zion to Vegas.

    One of my favourite places in the states.

    Colorado is brilliant. You could spend a month doing tourist stuff there alone.

    There are a lot of microbreweries in Colorado. Well worth checking out if you like a drop. I can dig up the name of a good one or four in Denver if you're interested.

    Drive up Pikes peak if you get a chance. Stay in Manitau Springs rather than Colorado Springs if you are planning that.
  17. we are! we made sure we included it in our trip
    we'll also be going to moab and bryce canyon