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Back to my passion

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by WonderWoman, Feb 8, 2016.

  1. Today is the first day of my motorcycling life! I completed the Hart Honda Learner's Permit over the weekend and passed! This is going to be such a wonderful year! I turn 40 this year and after 16yrs of being away from the motorcycling scene, I have launched myself back into it. Just me. I am excited by the opportunity to meet you all out there on the roads and in the cafes! <3 Bec

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  2. Good on ya Bec, what are you doing about a bike ?
  3. I previously learnt on a Zawasaki ZZR 250, however, that was in about 2000, and for only about 3mths. I'd like something similar until I have regained my riding confidence. Any recommendation? :)
  4. Budget ??
  5. ....such a nasty word. LOL. Not sure yet. Need to work out the finances. Might just throw it on the mortgage?
  6. Hehehe, true, nothing wrong with a 250 although if you have ridden before you might find it a bit tame. Many on here have started on a Ninja 300 and seem pleased enough. It's been a while so go sit on a few, ride em if you can, your riding position comfort requirements may have changed with the passing of the years, although 40 isn't that many :)
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  7. welcome aboard BeccieBeccie
    if budgets no issue then I suggest the mighty Kawasaki EL 250 :D
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    I'll most definitely have a look into that suggestion! :) Cheers

    I remember it feeling quite low.

    I don't think I have shrunk in the 16yrs since being away from it. :p Perhaps something a little bigger this time.

    I have just Googled. Niiiice.
  9. Welcome back BeccieBeccie if they feel too low for you that's good as it would seem a lot of ladies have less options due to height.

    Maybe look at a 650 kawasaki lams ninja. I've only heard good things about them and the one I took a spin on made me wish these where available when I was on restrictions.
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  10. Howdy @Beccie and welcome to NR. Good luck with your search for a bike and remember to post pics when you can! :happy:
  11. I must admit to being biased :) there's probably more modern options, but I've had mine for 3 years 35000 Ks and its never missed a beat :)
    Its also great for the vertically challenged.:)
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    Fantastic advice! Many thanks! Yes, being a "very tall lady" is something I am enjoying immensely in my adulthood, however, not so fun when you've been 5'10" since early high school. Looks like the last laugh is on them. :p I will look into this suggestion and see if I am able to test ride one. Cheers, Amazon Lady (aka WonderWoman)

    Thank you so much. Love your avatar! :)

    Good endorsement.
  13. Welcome - CB400 is also a cracking LAMS bike and has the benefit of a low seat if you're not that tall.

    And what is it with psychology and headbanded heroine avatars? GoldenberriGoldenberri I'm looking at you here... lol
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  14. LOL! It goes with the territory :p
    P.S. thanks, but I am tall. :/
  15. Yes I thought that was already established too lol
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    I'm not a freeeeak. Lol

    Gear? I have a Shoei helmet (barely used) and a leather jacket I bought secondhand when I was 16 (luckily I can still do it up [just]). I also have boots. The dilemma is pants. Leather or Kevlar? I'm told leather is safer. Also, I am being quite vain when I want to know which will look the nicest? I don't want to look like I am wearing a massive pair of man-pants!
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  17. Slow down WonderWomanWonderWoman nobody suggested that.......I mean super heros are perfectly normal humans.......we don't think your freaky at allo_O
  18. Are you asking us if you or women in general look good in leather?......:p
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  19. Welcome!

    Regarding pants/jeans, etc. Try both on and buy what you like the look of. Leather is more protective.
    Lots of leathers are cut and stitched together for max comfort on the bike, the downside of which is that they have sagging bits when upright making it look like you have crapped your dacks! Lol
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    Ha! Good point, MadDog. I know I look good in leather. ;) I just want to know if the Kevlar look like big, bulky man-pants? I don't want to get around looking as though I should be driving a cement mixer.