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Back to Hospital again...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Dougz, Mar 23, 2008.

  1. Hi all,

    Just thought I'd let you know that I'm back in hospital for another foot operation this Friday :cry: I'm glad in a way that it's happening because it means my foot will finally work the way it's meant to, but at the same time I'm NOT looking forward to another 6 x weeks in plaster and sitting on the bloody couch!

    So if anyone is bored please come visit at our new house in Preston (finally moved last weekend!) and you can sample the massively awesome fun times that is the mighty PS3 Clairebear bought me the other day :grin: She's awfully thoughtful isn't she? :dance:

    I'm also off the internet for a couple of weeks until I can sort out a new internet connection/provider so if you've got my number give me a buzz or email/PM Clairebear and she'll pass it on to you.

    So take care, and I'll see you all on the road again soon! :biker:
  2. hmm a nice shiny cbr not being riden for months.thats a crime.im sure i could help ou there :p
    best of luck and a fast recovery mate!
  3. You'll be right, mate. Enjoy the pethedene.
  4. Dude, hope the op goes well. Fingers crossed.

    PS3 you say... Claire is a darlin!

    I'll be in touch!
  5. dougz, get a ticket to mogo.
    being stranded on a couch with a pregnant missus is no place for a man to be.
    you will be ridiculed, and your pain will be nothing compared to the woes of being pregnant.
    come to mogo, for sympathy...oh, and bring the PS3 :grin:
  6. Good luck with the op dougz.
  8. 6 weeks stationary, ouch, i reccomend FIFA 08, garuntted you wont want to leave the couch for at least a year!

  9. Good luck with the op Dougz, all the best for a speedy & full recovery :)
  10. good luck with the recovery mate. should have got an xbox lol.
  11. Hey Mate.
    Good to hear you finaly have a definate outcome on that.
    Give us a buz and we'll get over and make your life dificult.
  12. Best of luck Dougz, get well soon dude! :)
  13. Thanks for the good wishes guys. Hopefully this time they'll fix the foot properly and I can go back to leading a normal life! :)

    I'm officially off air again now until God-only-knows when while I get a new internet connection organised and lie on my arse recouperrating :cry:

    Joel - just might take you up on that trip to Mogo dude... PS3 included :wink:

    mmmmmm...PS3 =P~

    Oh, and my little Bro is taking the bike for the next two months so NO, none of you can 'look after it' :LOL:

    Be cool :wink:
  14. And then its only to go get FIFA09
  15. Best of luck with the foot Dougz.
    I must have missed the initial post why the initial op and why the followup?
  16. could be waiting a while for a reply smee :LOL:

    so here and here is some light reading to pass the time. :)
  17. Cheers Joel :)
  18. Hope it all went to plan today my friend.

    You forgot you got a wife? :grin:
  19. Doogz got out of hospital yesterday. All is well & looking good.

    Morphine rocks :cool:

    He'd post himself but hasnt got internet access at home atm.
  20. good luck with your operation mate, and recovery.