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Back to Australia...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by B1K3R, Nov 6, 2009.

  1. Hi guys,

    It's my first time here and found this through Google. What a great site and community!! :)

    Well, I am from Europe and currently here but will be moving back to Australia (finally!!!) sometime next year.

    Obviously I had a wonderful experience in Australia driving a GSXR 750, really loved it every weekend going for a long rides everywhere....and the daily drive to work in the city..hehe...in 20 mins would be at work :) Loved it!

    Anyways, this was way back in 2000, where i lived 2 years in Melbourne. This time, I am heading to Sydney for a new adventure and I would like to check a few things...

    1. Back in 2000, I use to drive the bike all the time, with the occasional rain here and there and there were no problems with rain. I used the suit sometimes but on the whole I could drive all the time since rain was little. Yeah, I know the rain problem in Australia and I guess its still the same.

    Is the the same in Sydney? Would I be able to go to work everyday with bike OR the rain is much more and thus not feasible?

    2. I had done all the licence (car and bike) and tests back in Melbourne in 2000. Since then it had expired. Do you know if I'll have to sit for all the tests again or maybe I can just renew it?

    3. In 2000, I was a little idiot and I used to speed a lot with the bike (now more mature, hehe). One day, I was speeding a lot on the west gate bridge and the cops caught me (came out of nowhere as always!). In short, they had taken my licence away for a month (if i remember well). However, it was time to leave for me and after a week I had left the country. Would this be on some criminal record and could this be a problem for me to get back the license?

    THANKS A LOT for your advice mates!

  2. 1. Global warming has taken care of the rain :LOL:.

    2. If you've paid for and renewed your license every year, it will still be current. If it's not, welcome to 250cc land!

    3. Welcome to Netrider :).
  3. Ordinarily, if you hadn't paid the fine, it would be on record as a barrier to you getting another licence, yes.

    But I've heard recently of some state governments writing off traffic fines that are more than 3 years old, so if it's from 2000 you might be ok.

    Go for a licence and see what happens.
  4. you drive a bike??
  5. I commute to work in Sydney every day on my bike, rain, shine or dust-storm. Its not that bad. It's not Tokyo Typhoon weather, usually. The biggest obstacle is the cagers.

    When my car license expired, they told me I had a year? 2? - I can't remember the exact number - to renew it without going through some re-licensing tests. Call vicroads, or send them an email, and ask.

    If it only JUST expired, then you should be fine.

    If you were fined, and you didn't pay it, you'll need to pay it if you want a Victorian license again. But seeing as you're coming to NSW, then if you have to redo the licensing stuff from scratch you might get away with just going to the RTA and doing it here.

    Also, if you have a license from another country, you can convert it. Even if it's just a car license, it's worth doing as that will knock 2 years off your Ps, assuming you're over 25.
  6. yeh, i heard that on the news yesterday.

    Wonder what happens if you refuse to pay your fines until the three years is up?
  7. Wow, what a nice welcome guys! :) You have answered all my questions!

    Pheeewww, I am glad I'll be able to drive the bike everyday to work in Sydney, its part of me now, I can't stand the car and the traffic, plus driving the bike starts my blood flowing to the brain in the morning, like breakfast :) Yeah, I drive in sun rain dust whatever too, as long as its not very rainy and dangerous.

    Oooh, yeah, I had paid all the fines. I hate to be in trouble with the law. All was cleared. I'm 36 years old, been driving since i was 18 (well 13 :)) so when I had come to melb, they let me do the tests and could also drive the 750 (had a GSXR back then). So, hopefully I'll carry that over and will be able to drive more than 250 :)

    Yeah, good idea, I'll send vic roads an email or something. Remember the place was in sunshine. Cant wait to be back "home" :beer:

  8. Ohh, I am not in Australia yet, sorry maybe title was misunderstanding. I am a senior software developer and waiting for my 175 visa to be granted :) Hopefully wont take long!

    First thing there, I'll get a bike :) Like Free bird! (y)

    This is what I am driving at the moment. Photo from last year.


  9. If you have a current bike licence from where you are living it won't be a problem. Just get it changed over to a NSW one when you get here. NSW won't have any records of a previous suspension that occurred in Victoria.

    Sydney does have a higher annual raifall than Melbourne - but it has fewer wet days (in other words, it gets less frequent but much heavier rain).
  10. Loud and clear!!! Thanks guys!!!

  11. Oh yeah, new shit called hoon laws;

    wheelies, speeding by 45 or over, burnouts, racing

    they impound your bike for 48 hours, then 3 months, then take it, or something...

    bad shit.

    full details are somewhere...
  12. Yes, I know. The average time is between 6 to 12 months depending on the skills and if they are on the critical skills list. Mine are on this list so it should take around 6 more months since I applied last week. So its going to be around mid next year.

    However, the migration minister is going to announce some changes soon so it could either be better or worse, nobody knows yet. I am hoping it will be better or same....!!!