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Back Tire Slipping...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Ninja03, Mar 5, 2008.

  1. Ey guys.....got my L's about 2 months ago and my first bike about a month ago. Ridings great, love it, cant get enough.

    Went for a ride last night down warrandyte way. As i was riding down warrandtye road it felt like my back tire was slipping out a bit. I pulled over to make sure i didnt have a flat. The tires were fine. I dont know if it was just my mind playing tricks on me or maybe the wind (it was fairly windy). Anyone else ever expierienced this? WHat did you do?
  2. So many possibilities and ad in being a noob as well.
    If the pressures are ok (check them cold) its environmental (road surface) or rider input. But it could be a million and one other things too.
  3. Was it wet? Was it mossy? Check the tyre pressures with a gauge, if all fine then it's probably all in your head...
  4. yeh i have a feeling it was all in my head. Might go get one of those psi thingys to keep an eye on it. Thanks guys
  5. Err, when is it slipping??

    Mid corner at your max lean, corner entry on braking/downshifts, corner exit under power?

    If you want to solve a problem, ask yourself when it is happening, what you are doing at that time, what the bike is doing at that time. There will be bits you don't know, like what you should be doing at a particular time, but that's when you ask.
  6. My back tyre slips too......

  7. My money is on it being road surface variations... it used to freak me out a bit too, feels like the back is going all over the place.
  8. what is the wear on the tire?

    is the slippage occurring when your accelerating and changing up a gear?

    like many have said, too many things...you need to be more specific!
  9. yes, i noticed a hideous squareness that only comes from smoking it up, in your photo comp entry :p
  10. When it gets windy, especially with cross winds, it can feel like the back tyre is slipping, this is normal, you will not even notice this soon.
  11. First thing that came to mind was clutch slipage? It can feel like the rear wheel unhooking to if your not familiar with it.
  12. Yeah....yeah.....ummm....smoking it up....yeah all the time. Yup thats what i do....smoke it up. Thats why my rear tyre is squared....promise.
  13. :rofl:
    well it was better than saying you had kishy strips! :p
  14. Fair call. :LOL:

    The most lean angle my bike ever sees is when its on the side stand. :LOL:
  15. Crack/crease in the road
  16. I felt something like that a couple of weeks ago for the first time, felt like the back wheel was about to fall off when I was leaning the right for a few corners. After pulling over and verifying the wheel indeed was solidly attached, I kept riding and it stopped happening soon after.

    I put it down to collecting a bit of oil or something like that on the tire that took a few corners to wear off.
  17. Its a horrible feeling my old zzr250 felt that way all the time. so i got rid of it call it paranoia if you want. Now my z750 felt like it today i blamed it on the weather it was 40 deg so i guess the tarmac was a bit uneasy.. in the cool i had no issues.
  18. yeah my mate had a zzr-250.the first time i rode it i was like wtf?the ar$e end just felt very sloppy in corners but couldnt pinpoint what was happening.he was alot bigger than me so would have more effect on the bike but he had no idea what i was on about...
  19. where were you? that road has some bumpy bits that get interesting if your suspension is off.
  20. is it a new un-scrubbed in tyre? If none of the other posts help/make sense unsure how to do/still having issues see if there is a more experienced rider in your area (if near rowville, pm and am happy to help out) that would can have a look maybe take it for a quick spin around the block, they should be able to give you an idea of what wrong

    cheers stewy