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back straight - elbows locked straight

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by kyan, Nov 21, 2008.

  1. For some reason I get annoyed when I see riders on their sports bikes, ridgidly sitting up, back straight, arms locked straight. I just think, why buy it if you aren't going ride it properly. Eat a teaspoon of cement and harden-up I say.

    feedback welcome :cool:

  2. Totally agree.
  3. Just wait until you get an old back, you have to stretch it every 1/2 hour or so.
  4. ^^ totally agree too
  5. Might be time to buy a cruiser...
  6. Why does it bother you so much?
  7. So I'm only allowed to ride my sportsbike through the spur with my ass off the seat and my knee on the deck?
    Sportsbike riders commute sometimes too. And sometimes they just sit in a position that is comfortable.


    (and ther's only one 'd' in "rigidly")
  8. I can't stand people who don't submit to the one true Religion...

  9. Posers. True sportbike riders only ever rider around fully tucked in behind the screen.
  10. didn't realise this was a spelling test.

    btw.. ther's isn't a word

    (and ther's only one 'd' in "rigidly")
  11. You forgot to put a capital letter at the beginning of the sentence.
  12. i am not hugely bothered by it obviously, i think it just annoys me because it looks so uncomfortable. just interested if others felt the same way.
  13. I knew I would be one of those people because I ride such a long distance everyday. Thats why I bought Sports tourer. I am a hybrid and I shape my ride style to the situation. When I want to gun it I go all Stoner and tuck myself into what I think sometimes could be a dirt nap haha
  14. I might be concerned if the OP observation was about a rider's cornering posture... otherwise... meh!
  15. i don't care what others think of the way i position myself on the bike when riding, i mean i ride a upright bike in a crouched position :? but if it bothers you that much you can tell me when you catch me :wink:
  16. Why let someone's riding stature annoy you, stupid waste of energy IMO.
  17. If I'm in traffic on my commute in a 50 or 60 zone, I try to sit up straight to make myself as visible as possible. It is too easy for cars to miss us as it is, and if I was in full tuck I wouldn't be seen over the top of the cars in the other lane. When rider get hit by cars so often because we are hard to see, why on earth would I try to hide behind other cars on the road?

    Also, if I'm in traffic I want to be able to see as much of the surrounding area as I can. I want to look far ahead down the road, well off to each side, and if possible I want to see over the parked cars on the side of the road in case there are pedestrians about to step out or cyclists about to merge. Why would I want to adopt a posture that limits my field of view?

    Sure, the racing crouch reduces your drag coefficient, but at 60 kph my turbulent drag is hardly going to stop me from keeping up with traffic. It also lowers your combined centre of gravity, but in the traffic I am not going to be cornering at speeds that need me to crouch down or hang off the bike.

    The benefits afforded by leaning over are pretty much useless in commuter traffic, and the disadvantages (visibility and field of view) are far more important on the street than they are on the track.

    My real question would be why anybody on a sports bike does ride in full crouch if they are in traffic.
  18. I must admit I have a bit of a chuckle at 'straight back, tank rooters'..... now that's what I cal a squid, man you gotta have some sense of style if you wanna look cool on a sports bike. More than one person here feels this way; must be something in it.

    I think a similar thing whenI see car drivers with straight arms (usually chicks).
  19. Yeah, but it is pretty hard to look cool on my bike, so I don't even try. ;)
  20. iam not suggesting that a constant full crouch is the way to go all of the time, but isn't there a wide range of positions between that and sitting there like you are riding something other than a bike?