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Back roads of Tumbarumba (NSW) area

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by dobbo, May 24, 2015.

  1. :woot:Hi,
    With the day off work, no real plans and the sun shining I decided to get out for a ride.
    Now, I know dirt riding is not everyones cup of tea, but I decided on backroads around my local area, so I thought I'd share. I've been doing the Adventure thing for around 10 years now, for many reasons, but remembering that 80% of Australia is not serviced by tar, I figure that there is plenty of exploring to do.

    My bike of choice for today, was my trusty 2008 DR650, fitted with a 30 litre Safari tank which gives me a range of 700km, some fresh knobbies fitted (D606 front & rear) and recently geared lower(15/43) for sand / hill climbing performance. Plus, I had not been on it for awhile, and the battery needed a charge.

    Basic plan was head out of Wagga on back roads, end up having a coffee somewhere and get home before dark with out any 'incidents';), as I have explored the area before, I thought I'd take a few picks and share with you lot.

    This one is about 30minutes out of Wagga (Pulleytop road), looking South towards Holbrook (the Submarine town).


    After the trip out through Westby, then 1 km down the Hume Hwy, which is interesting on knobbies with a bike geared low, so the DR was screaming in pain at 110kph, then turned off at 4-mile lane, out through Lankeys Creek and onto Jingellic.
    Pic: Jingellic's 'Bridge Hotel' in the back ground.

    After a stop to stretch the legs at Jingellic, it was a trip East on the NSW side of the Murray River, along 'River Rd', an impressive 30 km of dirt heading into the mountains, with great scenery.

    Now the short cut up over Welaregang hill and down into the tiny village of Tooma. (1 pub & a couple of houses, with million dollar views :snaphappy:)


    Now up the Tumbarumba road. This pic is looking back down the valley towards Tooma, which is in the centre of the pic.

    A quick stop at 'Paddy's River Falls' to check out the water level.

    Then on into Tumbarumba (Which translates to 'Meeting place of Hwy Patrol':ROFLMAO:), for a chat with Anthony (the owner of 4 Bears Cafe) and a coffee.
    Here is a pic of his Chrysler out front, Interestingly, the local Council tried to charge/fine him for parking it for extended periods out front of his shop, for which he offered to pay a decent fee to have it parked there.
    This all changed when a Councillor went to a Tourism NSW conference and when asked where Tumbarumba was and what is there, other participants only knew it as the town with the Cafe & Car covered in 'Teddy Bears'.:woot: So the car stays!!!! (No fees necessary(y))

    After a coffee, I headed home via Broadleaf rd, into Rosewood, the turned of at Downfall road and onto Humula, Tarcutta, then back to Wagga on Corinbob road.
    All up 320km, at a steady pace, rarely getting above 95kph, something I really enjoyed.
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  2. Nice loop Dobbo.
    I'm in Wodonga & for no reason at all, rarely venture to your side of the border, but I really should.
  3. I stayed at Tumbarumba with a few mates for 2 nights in mid April. Really nice town. The leaves were just starting to fall and the Autumn colours were amazing.

    We only saw one Hwy Patrol the whole trip and that was between Cooma and Nimmitabel on the way back.

    I think Tumbaramba translates to 'many leaf blowers at six o'clock in the fcukng morning'
  4. Great pics mate. Thanks for posting.
  5. Oh how the other half live! That's picturesque to say the least, nice one.
  6. Thanks for the replies.
    Instead of starting a new thread each time I'm over Tumut-Tumbarumba way, I'll take a few pics and post up the details of the roads used. I'll try and add a few tar runs for you 'blacktop lovers', perhaps a few alternative roads when passing through the area.
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  7. Hi,
    I might as well continue this thread, and post up a few other roads in the same area.

    Having got out for a blat on the XJR yesterday (Tuesday) up Tumbarumba way, to destress. I felt really 'at one' with the bike, so it was an excellent day (y), it was a tad cool once up into the hills.
    (Just for info: Fuel is available at Tumbarumba, Tarcutta, Batlow & Tumut)

    This one is along 'Broadleaf Park road (which turns into 'Greenhills Assess road' about midway along), running north out of Rosewood for 50km to Wondalga (near Tumut).
    This is my favourite road in the local area, because it's 50km of twisties along the ridgeline, that hardly gets used by anyone other than the forestry & log trucks. (The Tumut-Batlow-Tumbarumba road is a nice ride, but this sh!ts all over it ;))
    Generally, only local riders use it.

    Same road looking south. I saw 3 (forestry) vehicles for the entire 50kms, but there were plenty of signs that logging is happening in the area.
    (Tip: if you see the signs out warning of log trucks entering from side roads, be aware that at these junctions, the trucks tend to drag dirt, mud and debri onto the road, the drivers know the roads very well and generally hoof along)

    From Wondalga, I looped around through Batlow (so I could buy some apples) then onto Tumbarumba for lunch, before heading for Wagga via Oberne Creek /Tarcutta. (310km total)

    This one is Taradale Road (heading for Tarcutta), it is narrow, undulating, nice scenery. But will get the odd car coming the other way. And wildlife is abundant. (Farmers tend to use the roadside as their own cattle/sheep grazing paddock :banghead:)

    This section of 'Oberne Creek Road' (Westbrook) was only sealed about 2 years ago, which now gives tar loving riders a bit of a choice on how to get to Tumbarumba from the Western side of the range, via Tarcutta. The other option is Tarcutta to Humula.

    cheers Dobbo(y)
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