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Back Riding after 15yrs

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Darth Zilong, Feb 18, 2016.

  1. After a long time not riding, My wife and I have bought ourselves a Kawasaki Ninja 650L.
    In the near future she will be getting her licence.
    So far I have really enjoyed being back on a bike, & hope my wife will come to enjoy it as I do.
    Looking forward to talking to people here & possibly meeting you on the road....
    Stay upright....

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  2. yes really.... hehehehe
    Although 2016 hasn't been ideal......
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  3. Thanks mate :)
  4. Welcome.

    Don't you need two bikes?

    Do you promise to let the wife ride a fair share of the one?
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  5. At this stage we own 1 bike.
    The plan is once she has her licence and getting comfortable we'll share, afterwards I'll either get another bike or she will get another & the Ninja will become mine.
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  7. Do the ACT rules allow you, from the back seat, to be "instructing" your wife?

    If so, good luck with that.
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  8. welcome aboard :)
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    Good question, I'm still finding what she needs to do & what I can do to 'teach' her....
    So far it's fairly similar to N.S.W.....

    I will honest.... ;-)

    Thanks mate, I'm having a blast looking around & talking to a few people here on NetRider.... :)
  10. Well there's plenty to see so enjoy :)
  11. WA allows this. I tried it once. Once.

    To Darth ZilongDarth Zilong , welcome, and as others have said, good luck with the "sharing" thing. My wife bought a bike I really liked, so I bought one myself.
  12. You gotta feel for "Bob" ;)

    Anyway, welcome :D

    I finally got my wifey on a bike after a few years of hassling her, she loooooves it!
  13. G'day and welcome, Darth ZilongDarth Zilong. :]

    I trust the scenario shown in JustusJustus' video post doesn't occur for you on the new Ninja! :-O Stay upright indeed!

    The rider in that video is apparently a French motorcycle journalist who was on assignment (hence the nice camera work capturing the full horror and hilarity) when that happened. According to an article about it, he only had some bruising and sprained fingers. Imagine explaining that to the boss, 'I rode the bike off a wharf and I landed in a boat...'
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    I'm glad he's ok, but bigness hard not to laugh at the same time... Poor bloke....
    Lesson 1 side panniers stick out more than some realise.....

    Sweet, your efforts are well rewarded.. :)
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  15. Hi Darth, welcome to the forum! I only started posting on the forum about a week ago,
    I guess you're the noob now.:]

    I'm in exactly the same situation as you, returning after a long lay-off. Enjoy!

  16. Thanks John, yep I'm the noob until the next one comes along.... ;-)
    Feels great to be back on a bike doesn't it? :)
  17. Well, actually, the great feeling has been short lived so far, just a couple of test rides.
    Should be sorted on Friday, due to pick up my new ride then. Am I excited? Absolutely!! :joyful: