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Back Protectors

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by geeth, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. I was having a looking at bike gear and I came across back protectors as a solo unit (not in jacket) and noticed that there is a big difference in design compared to the one that's in my rjays jacket.

    My jacket one is just a peice of shapped foam in the back, whereas the solo units seem to look like the would actually assist more with keeping the spine intact.

    I am just wondering, do the solo unit back protectors offer a better level of protect to the inbulit jacket ones? What are the like on longer riders? Because they would have to be tight do they cause much discomfort?
    Are they much of on inconvenience since it's yet another single peice of gear?

    Just wondering, not looking at buying (or at least anytime in the near future)
  2. Yep, they do offer a greater degree of protection than the foam ones. Racers wear them, so that should tell you all you need to know.

    They are not noticeably uncomfortable for me, but yes, they are a bit fiddly for just popping down to the shops. I tend to use mine on longer rides.
  3. yes the ones you strap to your back will provide more support. i do find it uncomfortable after 30-40 mins

    i wear mine when commuting as ill spend most of the trip at 90-100kmh whereas a trip down to the shop is a bit too much of a hassle
  4. I have one and feel almost naked if I am not wearing it while riding.
    Recently we had a friend go down, and if not for the back protector, which snapped in 2, he would be, god I hate to think about it.
  5. I couldn't see the point of using to the shops.

    It's that I plan after I get more experienced I will start to longer rides. I figure that with longer rides theres a higher chance of mistakes - esp due to fatigue - looking at better protection wouldn't be a bad idea.
  6. I researched back protectors very thoroughly before I bought mine.
    I got the Forcefield Level 2 back protector. Its very comfortable and rated the highest in Ride magazines impact tests against all the major competitors.

    Once you get one you'll probably wear it everywhere by habit. They are pretty unobtrusive.
  7. +1 to that.....first few rides feel strange with it on, now i i feel so nervous without :? anything that might help keep me out of a wheelchair is worth a go imo
  8. Obviously the proctector would have to be strapped on somewhat tightly. Does this casue heat issues?
  9. It will obviously be hotter than wearing just a t-shirt. Mine does have holes to allow air to travel and heat to escape.

    In really hot weather I just wear a singlet + back protector and its fine.

    All this underneath a perforated leather jacket.
  10. A LOT of accidents happen within a few minutes of your home. Always wear mine.
  11. +1 to the heat issue

    Have just replaced my older Dainese back protector with one that has a mesh finish that lets it breath. Much more comfortable on hot days.

    As for independent units compared to "in jacket" units, they will be more obtrusive as they are strapped to you, but they will remain in place better should you need it and they are also longer so also provide protection to your lower back (I'm no doctor, but is it the cocksis)? My back protector goes down about 4" past the bottom of my jacket which I think is important.

    I ride for up to 6hrs on a weekend and although the back protector is noticeable, it is not uncomfortable. After that long on a Ducati the aches in other area are much worse!
  12. True, Good thing I take the car the shops. To much effort to gear up and go 1 km :p
  13. As you head out the door to the milkbar for bread and milk or to visit a mate 5 mins away, think. 30 seconds to strap the back protector on or the possibility of a wheelchair for life? I know which one I prefer.
  14. Thanks for the responses.

    Envy as I mentioned above shop trips are in the car (hope that didn't sound bitchy)
  15. Not at all Geeth. I do the same. I CBF'd fully gearing up to go to the shops, so I take the cage, which is fun to drive anyways.
  16. +1 for stand alone back protector. I have a Dianese one and like suggested above i feel naked without it. It is a little warmer on hot days but fairly well ventilated and can't say i've ever found it uncomfortable at all.
  17. The Forcefield L2 Back Protector is considered the gold standard in back protectors by many in the field. I have the L1 protector from Forcefield, and although does not offer the same sort of protection, it is lighter, better ventilated, and hence, one which I use often.
  18. Wow great post on that test article, very surprised to see the Dianese one come in last place!

    The thing they failed to test though, and one of the main reasons back protectors were invented (thanks Mr Sheene!) is to prevent hyper-extension of the spine when you hit something. Sure impact resistance is good but what use is it if you end up folded over backwards anyway? That was the main reason i got my protector.