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Back protectors

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Banana Fred, Oct 1, 2006.

  1. I'm very close to picking up my bike and as such I have poked and prodded through a few bike shops looking at riding gear of all sorts in anticipation of getting out on the road and being as safe as possible in case of an accident. Now, if there's one area I am keen to protect on my body other than my head, it's my spine and I am very keen to find out which company makes the best back protectors?
    Who makes them and how good are their protecters?

  2. you'll find most jackets have armour on the back
  3. I'm looking into a Dri-Rider Summit jacket and as far as I'm aware, they don't come with any armour.
  4. look at a different dri-rider jacket. i have a cheapy and i didnt feel a damn thing when i stacked.... soft armour. good protection.
  5. There's a difference between a jacket with a bit of armour in the back, and a segmented back protector that's designed to prevent the spine moving in ways that would damage it.

    There's been discussion of back protectors on Netrider before - use the search function and see what you can find. :)
  6. I went all out and bought a Dainese back protector. :cool:
  7. I got a dainese back protector with the straps around the belly

    I reckon they're great cause if i had to fall off and hit my back on the edge of the curb i'd rather it hit the protector instead of my bare back!
  8. i have a mate who got a lobster back sewn into his leathers.... so he didnt have to strap it on under his leathers all the time.. .didnt cost him much if i recall.... i have a Joe Rocket textile suit and it has prety nice padding in the back area.. not solid armour bust still pretty firm... i will be investing in a lobster back (segmented body aromour for the back) wehn i upgrade to leathers... will get it sewn in as well....
  9. Unless a back protector is a corset, it's not really going to stop your spine from hyper extending. BP's are all about impact protection.

    IMO, for a first purchase, you're better off getting a decent leather jacket with built in FULL SPINE and other CE armour, as opposed to a cheaper textile jacket and a BP.... just my opinion.

    In regards to BP's, the $300+ dainese is about the best you can get... though there's an American online mob who sell one for half the price and they reckon it's way better... blowed if I can remember who it was, but if you come across the site, you'll know it because they have a really huge exposition on the CE standard and the various constructions of BP's and how they work and why there's is better...
  10. www.highvelocitygear.com
  11. That's them!!!

    They seem to have removed their big exposition on CE armour comparo from various manufacturers... maybe they got told in no uncertain words to stop dissing the competition... but they still have some well deserved FIGJAM on their site... :)

    Good work VVP
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  13. Yes I'd be dead keen on proper leathers... but I don't fit in them and the Dri-Rider textile jacket at least comes in 5XL and 6XL so there's some light at the end of the tunnel.

    Yep, I took Gromit's advice above and am currently reading through it. So far I'm on page 4 and reading the back & forth volley's about hard and soft shell protectors... so much to take in.
  14. I just got a Dainese 8-track leather jacket and have put in their wave g2 back protector in it. It has a aluminium core to protect you in an impact with a hard outer shell.
  15. thats the brand of back protector i've got.
  16. I'm going to buy a back protector too (hopefully this week). I brought motorcross knee protectors and they save my knee already. They easily fit under the Draggin Cargos. My Rjay's jacket has good elbow and shoulder guards but the back is just a thin piece of foam. Now I know what to look for when I buy my first set of leathers.
  17. Import a T-Pro if you want a good back protector. One of the few back protectors which is approved to new level 2 CE standards. No hard components to hurt you or shred your clothing off you. Awarded UK ride magazines 'best buy' tag. (I don't work for them).

    Don't be fooled by perceived prestige of big 'italian' brand names. Note where ribs normally break (anterior and posterior apex) and note where a hardshell backprotector concentrates the force... doh.

    Edit: For what its worth have a look on the net for independant tests of backprotectors - you'll be suprised how the known brand stack up.

    Back protectors can protect the bits on your back. They don't guarantee you are safe from neurological/spine damage, only reduce the chance from direct impact. Quality hip and shoulder protectors (also see T-Pro) may further reduce chance of spinal damage incurred by shearing, bending and torque loading to torso.

    A good way to minimise impact trauma is to be fit, strong supple and light.

    Ride safe
  18. Yeah for what it is worth I would recommend the Dainese protectors, they build some quality stuff.
  19. protection

    Hello, dropping by to add one piece of advice:

    When it comes to purchasing protective gear, DO YOUR RESEARCH. There are more than a few overpriced/overbranded products out there. Don't let image, factory riders or magazine ad's make your decision for you. Get the facts and be informed!

    As for the write-up on our site about protective gear and other manufacturers it's still there and viewable through the "products" section of our site.

    Just fyi- the write up is in no way an attempt to bash the competition, the information is simply factual in regard to CE ratings and what other manufacturers have achieved. Additionally, it wasn't written by us, it's on our site because it's an excellent example of what consumers should know about protective gear.

    Good Luck with your search :)
  20. And make sure it fits YOU.

    No good if it is too tall/thin, or too wide, or whatever. It's got to stay
    in the right spot comfortably while you ride without distracting you.