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Back protectors and backpacks

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Bravus, Nov 6, 2006.

  1. I have to carry my backpack with my laptop in it almost everywhere I go. I know back protectors are an important part of protection, but the 'humped' ones I've seen look as though they'd be very uncomfortable with a backpack.

    I know very little about back protectors, having been using just a cordura winter DriRider jacket without one, but am about to go looking for a summer jacket. Are there flatter profile ones that still work, or have people found them fine with backpacks, or...?
  2. Hey Bravus.

    I have a Dainese back protector that I always wear racing and sometimes wear on the road. I probably should always wear it on the road - like having full leathers on, I just get on with riding better/faster when I have it, it seems.

    Anyway, enough rambling.

    I also have a High Sierra backpack that has a padded pouch inside that fits my Apple iBook G4. It's not uncomfortable to use with the back protector. The Dainese I have is articulated laterally/dorsally and is quite comfortable.

    So the two work together quite well. Maybe the Mac combines with the Dainese means I have double back protection!

    The combination can get a bit warm on sunny days, but there you go...

  3. Look up something called a speed pack or some such. It's a hard case back pack... I think Minna has one... ideal for carrying laptops and other valuables.

    I have no direct experience with your particular issue though, so I hope I helped.


  4. I have a Forcefield back protector and it is fine with a back pack. Once I get on the bike I don't even notice I have the back protector on. http://www.tprobodyarmour.co.uk

    Had to special order it from the UK though. Don't forget; we don't have to pay VAT.
  5. I use a Dianese back protector and kidney belt, ok, ok, it's only there to hold my guts in :p

    I wear a backpack with it on, no issues for me
  6. Thanks all, that's very reassuring.