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Back Protectors again!

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Zdster, Dec 17, 2007.

  1. I know this topic has been covered and covered (I have been searching and reading posts and threads all over the internet all day) and think I have come down to a choice of two:
    - ForceField Pro L2 Back Protector
    - High Velocity Velo-Shield

    Both claim to be Level 2 CE protection which is good, however the ForceField appears to have kidney protection (which I really like the idea of). The ForceField seems to also have kidney protection and the design suggests that it would be better vented. The ForceField also claims multi-impact (which also seems like a good idea).

    Does anyone have personal experience with both products? Has anyone come off with either of these products on? Are there any stockists in Australia who have these products or do I have to import one?
  2. hey mate. no experience with either, but i was looking at the Forcefield Pro as well, looks like an awesome back protector.
    im a bit divided as to whether i need something soft so as not to hurt me in an impact, or something hard to take the impact itself, not me.
    hence, im debating between the forcefield or a Dainese Wave.

    again, does anyone have any experience with one of these, what are they like??

    let me know if you end up getting it :)
  3. I've got no experience with back protectors at all - I don't wear them and have only a fleeting interest in them, so this is very hypocritical - BUT- for what it's worth, the only major off I've had ended in my sliding across a road stopped when my lower back met the gutter.

    It was painful to urinate for a week and filled the bowel with blood when i gathered enough courage to make it to the toilet. If I had a kidney protector on I would have been much better off...
  4. Dainese Wave for me.. When i bought my back protector the guy in the shop said i only sell one type, cause there is only one type worth selling. So i have a the wave and i can say its comfy and doesnt give to much dramas. Just make sure what ever one you get fits properly in length as if it doesnt your helmet will foul on it when you put your head back, and on most bikes, well your head is back .. :grin:
  5. I am looking at the ForceField at the moment as it seems to be a better unit (although would still like to hear peoples comments).

    I have a couple of issues with the Wave. One is that it only takes a single impact compared to the ForceField which can take multiple.

    The second thing is that I dont think the Wave has Level 2 protection. Considering the amount of extra protection between Level 1 and 2, I much prefer to buy something with Level 2 protection.

    I have found that most of the vendors I have spoken to have no idea about back protection. They tend to just point you in the corner and say 'this is what we have in stock'. Furthermore, non that I have spoken to have even heard of the ForceField or the High Velocity protector which also seems a bit odd to me.
  6. I am sure the wave has level 2 protection.. The GP riders wear them..

    But the one you are looking at sounds good as well..

    Good to see you are doing your homework and getting the right one.. :wink:
  7. I have been wearing the joe rocket speedmaster back protector for well over a year now. It is a rebadged forcefield level 2 (sport) protector. I shot an email off to t-pro who do the forcefield stuff and they confirmed this for me, so I bought the joe rocket version off ebay (afaik it's not sold locally) as it was cheaper to buy from the states rather than from uk. Cost about $200AUD inc shipping. There's an old review on webbikeworld. Personally, I have found it very comfortable - it moulds to the shape of your back while you wear it using bodyheat and is more pliable than the harder 'turtleshell' styles. Luckily, I have not tested it so can't offer any insight on it's effectiveness. I'm 175cm and have the small which fits me just fine. Going on what others have said, only order the large if you are quite tall otherwise you will be in for helmet issues. Either choice you make will be fine - the main thing is that you are wearing something to take the initial force, rather than your back in the event of colliding with something hard (ie gutter/bike/etc). There's heaps of info and arguments on which is better in old posts, but just get yerself something! ;) P!ssing and sh!tt!ng blood :shock: yikes
  8. Hi there all,

    I have read up abit on this issue as I plan to buy armour this weekend or next,

    As far as the bike protectors go- Dainese is a one off honeycomb style back protector, and the Forcefield is like a a hard shell item,

    Does anyone know of any better back protectors, I looked at the Knox Back protector,


    I know it shows the Chest protector but scroll down to the back "race" protector,

    It covers your tailbone area, that can take a beating and yes, all humans have a tailbone, my friend stuffed his, and he said it was the worst pain ever, and this guy used to live in Afghanistan,
    and he has had dental work done there and in the poorest places in India, before coming here, hes been abused by many health "proffesionals",

    Tell me what you all think, Yay or Nay. Knox seems to be areally good brand, my gloves have these knob things on the palm, and you can click them together to make a clapping sound, v.hard,

    and yes I am 2 years old.