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Back protector

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by rabbit, Dec 6, 2007.

  1. I'm looking to buy a back protector. Can anyone recommend any brands and/or features to look out for ?

    I was looking to spend ~ $250 (unless thats way under budget for decent gear?)

    I have a mesh jacket for summer that has enough room in it, but was hoping it would also fit under my leather jacket. Need to find a shop that actually has them in stock so I can try them on.

    Have been looking at this page today......


  2. Rabbit, go and have a look at Bike Mart in Ringwood, they have quite a few in stock normally. Normally under 250 as well

    Have the Alpinestar ones listed on the website you showed for 240 RRP as well
  3. Far be it from me to deflect Scumbag helping you out Rabbit... that is not my intention, but you should have a look at this U.S. site:


    Their gear is as good as Dainese and Alpinestar, but I've never found them locally though, so OS purchase is the only way. And <<$250

    I have one of their protectors... but I also scored an inexpensive 2nd hand Dainese not too long - they're as good as each other, but the D does have two closing belts (one is like a kidney belt) so has extra support.
  4. I went to Bikemart too. Even if you don't want to buy there, they have a good range so you can try them on. Ride your bike there if you can so you can feel if it will fit sitting on the bike, in your gear. I had to go for a shorter one. I bought a UFO one, but haven't "tested" it, so can't say how protective it really is. I find it comfortable though - very supportive without trying to push my spine in ways it doesn't want to go.
  5. Make sure when you try it on you have your helmet with you, sounds strange I know but they can interfere with peripheral vision if they are too close to the back of the helmet.
  6. Dainese Wave 2 is the only one i would recommend. Will be very close in price to your budget if you shop around. Just make sure you get the right one for your height, or as dundee says, it will interfere with helmet when you try and move your head back.