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Back protector or armoured vest?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by BOB88R, Jul 18, 2013.

  1. Do you wear a Back protector or an Armoured vest under your jacket on a half day or longer ride? Isn't it uncomfortable or just fine?

    I'm looking at either an armoured vest or a back protector like the
    Icon Stryker Vest or the Tryonic Feel 37 Back Protector.

    There's a related thread about the effectiveness of the back protector to minimise injury - is back protector a myth?.
  2. I wear big back padding in textile jacket when commuting.

    On the rides - leathers and Alpinestars Track Protection vest.
    It's not uncomfortable and feels good, but took me ages with some $$$ to figure out correct sizing and fit.

    Tryonic is great, but no point in vest because it has very little padding.

    If you'll be buying Tryonic get it from Revit Australia, QLD. The guy there is super helpful, gives great price and is Aussie.
    Give him a ring, tell you were referred.

    My biggest issues is that I love Alpinestars Track Vest, but want Tryonic as a back protector.
    Decided to stick with Astars Vest (which includes the Bionic Back protector) for now.
  3. I wear a thorax wave pro and it's a bit chunky under the jacket but once I get started I don't notice it at all.
  4. If you invested the money in this equipment wouldn't it make sense to wear it everytime you got on the bike?

    it'd be kind of ironic to ride down the shops and have an off while your iron man suit was hanging in the closet at home.

    On a half day ride or 4 day tour I don't wear anything other than abrasion protection and the armour built into my jacket to protect elbows and shoulders, thats my personal choice. It is my opinion that the cost and inconvenience of armour vs' the real world protection it will provide while riding on the street (not the track) just doesn't balance out.

    however if i rode single track/dirt where the risk of getting impaled on a tree branch was much greater I would wear some kind of armour to protect my vital organs.
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  5. Personally, the only armour I have is the standard fare you get in textile jackets.

    Personal choice as to what's comfortable for you. Lets face it, on the road if you get run over by a B double what your are wearing isn't going to make a whole lot of difference.
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