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Back Protector Insert For Dainese Jacket

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Hobbsie, Nov 21, 2012.

  1. I recently got a Dainese Razon jacket, with the shield air level 2 back protector.

    While the back protector is comfy and CE level 2 rated, it is quite bulky on the back and i'd prefer something more subtle.

    I'm about to order a SAS TEC back protector and just cut it to size, but would be open to suggestion. Keep in mind that the 2012 dainese jackets have a different shape pocket to the older ones, or I would happily go for the forcefield insert that is cut specifically for older dainese jackets.

    Does anyone have any other suggestions? Or comments on the bulkiness/comfort of the SAS TEC alternative?
  2. Has it crossed your mind that the bulkiness is part of the impact absorbtion?
    So you want one that doesn't work as well? Considered not wearing it?
  3. sas tec one is heavier. will be just as bulky. will trap more heat in summer. but comfort is great. moulds to you.
    same for the klim viper. though it is ribbed to allow better air circulation.
    excluding the forcefield allready mentioned (which suck ass) the only other thing there is would be a knox insert. very light, reasonably flexible, and slim. still rated level 2 (somehow), slim and light. won't fit the pocket though. can trim them, or alter the pocket perhaps.
    would'nt be my pick, but anyway http://store.planet-knox.com/knox-armour/-back-inserts/
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    Yes it did cross my mind, but the SAS TEC, D30, forcefield etc products are a different technology that is designed to offer the same impact protection as the Dainese protector without the bulkiness.

    I have a full size strap on back protector for proper rides, but when I ride to dinner or around town it makes it hard to sit down when you have a big hump on your back.

    Are you sure about them being the same size/bulkiness? the Dainese protector is at least 2-3 inches thick.

    I think you'll find the knox protector is CE level 1 as well.
  5. so it is. sorry

    the klim is about a centimetre and a half.
    forcefield the same.
    the knox about a centimetre.
    the sas tec i don't know which model you are refering to. i know held make one using sas tec. same stuff as d30, so would assume same thickness as klim for same rating. maybe thicker.
    klim also used to make a slimline level 1, but way hard to find.