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Back pains

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Funky Munky, Nov 17, 2005.

  1. Lately I have been riding a fair bit because my car ain't going. I've been getting back troubles. Knots in the muscles in my back. It hurts like hell. So I've had to take the day off work today because of it.
    Has anyone else had problems like this? Anyone got something to suggest I can do different to stop it happening again?
    BTW I ride a VTR250. Not the most aggressive stance of bike.

  2. Are you able to make any adjustments to the hamdle-bars and peg positioning (not that familar with the model)? Sometimes a tiny difference can make a big difference to your comfort.
  3. Nope, the pegs are set in position. The handlebars can be rotated. Don't think I wanna do that though. I was gonna make a lower set pair of handlebars for it. Now I'm thinking that that may make it worse.
  4. Try and analyse your riding position, you may be strangling the bike a bit (which puts pressure on muscles). Straight stiff arms cause a lot of pressure to the shoulders and back. Try and hold yourself up using your core stabiliser muscles in your abdomen, lower back and legs. If that isn't an issue, or if you are relaxed and loose on the bike and are still having probs, see a medico. :(
  5. It's prob not caused by riding your bike, more that riding your bike is highlighting the underlying problem (caused by weakened lower stabilizing muscles due to bad posture).

    Then again, who knows....
  6. I would look into doing some weights and exersises to strengthen your back. See a professional to get some advise first but it really helps being stronger and more flexible.
  7. Indeed. If anything you should be sitting up straighter, not leaning over more. Other advice is spot-on, couldn't agree more...
  8. I was getting a sore back... After a while I realised it was actually my office chair... even though I noticed it on my bike....
  9. Yoga :)

    Pilates? i guess you guys arn't into that :)

    Sorry can't help ya then
  10. Gen Mar risers.

    Sorted out my shoulder pain on the monster with no problems. Put the bars up 2 inches an back and inch.


    You're going to have to ask them which ones will suit though.

    Even though the monster is a very upright sitting bike, I had the problems. This sorted me out (but may not sort everyone out).
  11. Geez, never thought of that one :D Have to try it out!
    Seriously though, I agree with strengthening your back with exercise. It's simple and it works really quick for me. Even just sit-ups will do a lot.
    And Kaer, IMHO the Monster is one of the weirdest riding positions around. No wonder you changed it. (Good bike, though).
  12. The best thing you can do for back pain and posture problems is strengthen your abs.

    Do sit-ups, it will solve all your issues. You won't have to do any exercises to strengthen your back as it will come with stronger abs.
  13. Sorry but thats right off the money... Stengthening one part of the body more will only put more pressure on the other part.

    Im not a physical trainer or anything, but i do alot of gym work and thats one of the basic rules.

    I would reccomend going firstly to see a doc and physio to try and find the actual problem and work on it. They will point you in the right direction and a Physical trainer may be able to draw you up a good training program to strengthen your back. Regarding weights there are many good back exercises but ensure you have a trainer spot your form until you master the technique. Otherwise your almost certain to make the problem far worse.
  14. Nah don't listen to them. Buy a sports bike & ride it flat stick everywhere. Seriously. My VFR400 has you with your nose basically touching the front guard but yet I find it more comfortable over long distance than my 750 with its more upright riding position. As long as you are doing over 100km/hr you are basically weightless. Try for yourself :LOL:
  15. Long distance riders sometimes use a kidney belt to help support the back. You used to be able to get them in just about any motorcycle accessory shop, before the market moved more toward the 'plastic fantastic' riders. Depending on the distances you ride, and how long you have been doing it, don't just assume there is anything wrong with your back at all, just give it time to 'acclimatise'. As others have said, a quite small rise in bar height can make a big difference in comfort, particularly if you are not real tall, or have shortish arms.
  16. I am a former Vicfit acredited Gym Instructor, and what I say is generally true.

    Okay saying that it will solve all your issues may have been over the top, but it was meant in jest. But, by strengthening your abs it will help to make your posture better thereby lowering the pain that you are receiving from bad posture while riding your bike.

    Bad posture is in a lot of cases brought on by weak stomach muscles. If you have a better posture you will find that your back becomes stronger because the muscles are being used correctly. It won't be a hugely noticeable change but there will be a change. It will also help stop any future spinal issues that will come from bad posture.
  17. And dont get me wrong im not saying that strengthening your core is a bad thing, just that a total body strength program would be far more effective...

    About the only thing youll achieve from doing a single exercise like situps would be the ability to do more situps. Even then you would reach plateu very quickly.
  18. Sure what you say is correct, however we are not talking about acheiving overall fitness, we are only talking about strengthening one particular area of the body, in order to alleviate the pain in that area.
  19. Fair enough but if you are qualified as such i would have imagined your would point him in the direction of a gp or such.

    And if it was in jest i apologise but might be a good idea to make that clear incase its not seen as such.

    And being a gym instructor im sure youd also realise they doing one isolating exercise wouldnt be super effective... Variey and stimulation is the key, muscles are smart fcukers they are, they adapt super quickly to a certain movement.
  20. Not necessarily. In this situation it is fairly obvious that the pain is caused by how he does what he does. And there are certain exercises that can help. Of course I would never put anyone on an exercise program without first meeting that person and seeing what their current fitness and health levels are, and if I thought that the exercises that they wanted to do would cause any danger to them or if I thought that there could be an underlying medical condition then I would tell them to see a GP.

    In this case we are talking about a simple exercise of increasing stomach muscles strength, which in my opinion 80% of people should do. People these days all over the world suffer from bad posture, which in time can lead to serious issues.

    Well, In my experience doing sit-ups and various other type of ab exercises can be very effective. It can do more than just help posture. It can help people with their breathing as well. If you plateau then all you have to do is increase the resistance. No need to stop.

    Any form of exercise is beneficial no matter how small. Anything is better than nothing.

    Let me not misrepresent myself. As I said earlier I am a former Gym Instructor. I found the hours and the money not good enough for me.