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back pain

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by abvc, Aug 7, 2007.

  1. anyone ever had chronic back pain from riding?

    whats do you do to minimize possible back pain?

  2. Adopt a more relaxed seating position/posture, get a massage?

    What bike do you ride?
  3. what he said

    i think you ride a gpx250 right....

    if so try to relax your back and shoulders you'll probably find that doing this will make you go into a racer type of hunch ... this is good as i know when riding this helps my lower back .... staying relaxed always while riding i think is impossible but at least try and maximise it
  4. CT scan it baby!
    I had back pains, checked it out - slipped disc.

    It was getting really bad, there are days I can barely move on my left leg. Running is out, any pulling where my back isn't taught is out... don't let it get worse dude.
  5. Do you exercise ?

    i've been going to the chiro of late due to lower back pain. Seems all ok now though. I am let to believe that physios are even better. Although on long rides I am getting neck pains from forcing my helmet forward at freeway speeds.

    Treat yourself to a session with a physio.

  6. I highly recommend Osteopathy over physio, chiro etc.. I've tried the rest and osteo wins hands down for me. (personal preference of course!)

    What part of Melbourne are you in?? If you are anywhere near Malvern East I would recommend Tim Taylor at Darling cnr Osteopathy. He does truly amazing things with my back :shock:
  7. Keep a nice posture on the bike, don't "banana back" your back, stay nice and firm in the lower body and keep your upper body slightly forward with a straight back.

    How long have you been riding for?
  8. which posture is 'relax'?

    i am bit crounching when riding, as most times are spent dodging traffic.

    which is better, crouching or straight bit forward?

    i can make cracking noise on my back like hourly

    dude sounds like you got it really bad, what is slipped disc anyway?
  9. Disc-shaped cartilage in between vertebrae that 'slip' out.. instead of staying where they are supposed to be (in between vetebraes)...

    I've had a slip disc before too. Except mine was of the epic kind. Bent down to pick up a pen. Pop. Legs disappeared from under me. Felt like someone stabbed me in the lower back with a hot spoon.
  10. Get a sore lower back on the Boulevard.. Back really takes a lot of shock in the upright position.
  11. ABVC

    A "slipped disc" is a slang term for saying that a disc in your back has prolapsed, herniated, or has bludged to one side of that disc. It is a very common condition in society and causes much pain and discomfort, you may or may not have a "slipped disc".

    heres a good link - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spinal_disc_herniation
  12. I think id be the first to suggest your seat might be too hard.

    Honestly, go get professional help now, back pain in later life is some of the worst pain you can have.

    Try holding yourself up with your abs moreso then "sitting" on your bike as well, even just contracting your abs while you are riding can add support.
  13. i found that working you lower back & 6pack helps alot with back pain, head to your local gym & get a trainer to run you through a few lower back & stomic exercises & lifts, it's helps alot.

    deadlifts (are my personal favorate give you alot of strgth 7 it will help you perform better in bed lol)
    reverse situps( i'm abit upsure if there called that, though i've always called them that myself, you can normally find a standing machine for these, need to steal myself one, one day)
    sit ups & any other stomic exercise
    skipping( awsome fat burner, ust to do it alot when i boxed & it helps rip alot of fat from your body, which lead to better over all health, stronger body & a much more defined 6pack)

    gl with your lower back problems, hopefully you get them sorted out as soon as possible, i would hate for you to stop riding because of this problem.

    pl forgive the typos & spelling errors, i'm pretty tired & sick atm
  14. I got finished from my day job due to it. Its taken 7 years of rehab and exercise to get around, and I even managed 500 k's on the bike recently :dance: .
    As Filo01 recommends exercise is the key. You need to concentrate on the CORE muscles that support thte back not the "6 pack" that you can actually see. A good Physio will sort you out with what to do.
    But honestly if it does get bad seek professional advice and be prepared to put in a lot of effort over a long time.
  15. No abs no back!
    Try doing some exercises to strengthen your abs. This will intern help support your back.
    Also a more relaxed riding posi will help take the strain off the lower back.

    See a good Bowen Therapists.
  16. so everybody keeps saying relaxed position but relaxed means a banana arced back which is comfortable then a few people say a straight back which one is it??
  17. BACK PROBS....

    In NOV 2005 I slipped on the newly laid tiles in the kitchen. (Tilers left residue on them)
    I had numbness in my R Leg- DR sent me for a CT and found that was riddled with arthritis. The swelling from the bruising caused the athritis to flare up and give me spasams in my back.
    I went to see physio and he did heat massage and gave me exercises to strengthen my core muscles- it helped heaps and then the pain went away. A few months later it recurred and I returned for the same treatment- since then I have lost over 22kgs and do outdoor personal training and exercise regulary and I have not had any further flare ups. I think that he weight loss has improved the recurring arthritis pain in my back.
    If you had a slipped disc you would know about it trust me!

    Also go to your local Dr and ask to be put on an Enhanced Primary care plan this will entitle you to 5 medicare funded visits to a physio chiro or oesto ad other allied health these items get put through medicare and the Dr knows them as 721 and 723. You must have 2 health professionals who contribute to your care. For example one might be a dietition to help you to loose weight and the other the physio- or one could be the chemist who will help with topical ointments and over the counter meds and the other the physio.you are elegible for 5 visits only for the year but can be made up of different allied health professionals. For more info check out medicareaustrailia.gov.au

    Interesting stuff hey !!!Good luck with your chroinc back pain....
  18. i'm more looking for people that get back pain because of riding, and therefore find out the do's and don'ts in back position. like blue's post...

    still great information of what is available on the plate if worse happen :grin: