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Back pain

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ursus, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. I asked more specific question related to this issue on the modification sub-forum, but as back pain is a very common problem it may be useful to discuss here. should be discussed on general. I have an svx650 Yamaha cruizer, and after riding it my lower back hurts. I am certain this is because of the riding position - arms and legs stretched forward, - which results in flexion of the lower back.

    Has anyone else had this problem? What was the solution? I hope there is one, as I enjoy riding a lot and wouldn't like to give it up because of back issue. I am thinking of getting a back support and also reducing the angle of my handlebar, thus making the grips a little closer to my body.
  2. I had an xvs650 classic as my third bike, initially when getting used to the ride position I got a little uncomfy pain, but got used to it, have you moved your handle bars to come back to a comfortable position? Reduce your reach? Seat comfort, well you could try sheepskin, but you can get Airhawk cushion which everyone that uses them swears by them!! Handlebars back a little will save your back!
  3. First thing that came to mind is to not lean on your arms, and to use your core to hold yourself up. Strengthening your lower back muscles and core may assist with reducing pain as you get stronger at holding yourself up with good posture (well, as 'good' as you can get whilst leaning forward at an angle).
  4. Not trying to hi-jack the thread or anything but on the same sort of topic, neck pain.

    Anyone with experiences? Is it better to get a more upright position to solve the issue?
  5. Not an uncommon complaint,I know a few guy's looking at getting rid of their cruisers for this reason.
    Do you have a previous back complaint? Or is it just while riding this particular bike?
    I find it more comfortable to ride my bike than drive the car based solely on seating position mines a slight lean forward sports tourer position though.
  6. I have issues with back pain (several disc bulges in my lower back region) and after about 60km on a v-star 650 walking was a real struggle..

    I've ridden many other bikes and never had a problem. Sorry to say but unless you're going to radically alter the riding position you may want to look at a different bike.
  7. not the only one.......i rode an xvs650 and the back basically supports everything. The only thing you could do is take more regular breaks, that or change bikes that your more comfortable in.
  8. you can buy a riders backrest for them.. similar to a sissy bar pad for a pillion.. a couple of blokes in my club have them.. its like ridding in a lounge chair lol
  9. Causes of back issues and how to relieve them differ for everyone because the reasons for back pain can vary so much.
    But the good news with bikes is there's a huge no of mods, different bike styles, etc available to find a position that suits..

    My back's also stuffed so a sports bike possie is out of the question but a cruiser style where my back's perfectly straight is also out the question..
    Tried a fireblade last year and after 15 min, took it back and said sorry, sh&t bike for my old bod..
    I also felt every bump having my back vertically straight on the cruiser.

    I've found an upright position with a slight forward lean works for me even after a 1000k ride hence why I now have the TDM.

    Best to try different possies to establish what works depending on your back issues.

    Now the bad news may be that the one that suits may not be bike or mod you like..
    That's life...lol
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    +1 to joe - back problems vary greatly in causes and triggers. I have a bulge in a disc in my lower back that causes regular problems and my XVS650 doesn't aggravate it. You'll just need to see what works best for you.
  11. In a word, yes. What do you ride? Sport bikes are renowned for exacerbating neck (and wrist) pain. You can ease this a bit with bar risers.
    Cruisers are pretty much stuck with those lower back issues though.
  12. Thanks for the replies. I think I'll try backrest and angling the handlebars. It doesn't make much sense to maintain rigid posture on a cruiser. If it doesn't work I'll have to think about another bike.
  13. My bike is pretty upright (tu250x) and I get neck and shoulder pain. The only solution I find is take a break from riding. Rode every day last week and a lot on the weekend so I'm currently at my desk with a heat pack on my shoulder and came to work in the cage today ](*,) I'll be back on the bike on Wednesday.
  14. Currently don't own anything. :-s

    I have been looking at a new ninja 250, quite like the 250's. The riding position seems pretty upright, I thought it should be alright but I do have a lot of neck problems.
  15. I think working on toning muscle to assist in support should be the first line of defence for back pain, followed by shorter stints in the saddle plus walking a couple of k's at the end of the day's ride really helps.

    Tilting the bars back is my next step since I get pretty sore on the tailbone and find myself slouching forward .. so the above is also my own medicine.
  16. Exercise and the yoga 'Cobra' position have all but eliminated the discomfort I used to experience in my lower back. ;)
  17. I have found that using a AIRHAWK seat cusion, takes alot of the jolts and vibration out of it.
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    My back cracker taught me this:


    Once you start with a sore back it's hard to get rid of it with sit-ups, but this exercise is good. Go as slow as you can.
  19. FWIW I used to have an XVS650 that gave my back grief after only 1 hour on it - I broke my coccyx 15 years ago & the position on that bike was no good for me at all. Someone above also mentioned working on core strength which is an absolute must for lower backs regardless - although I was fit it still posed an issue. Once off restrictions, I bought a naked and have never had a problem since - can ride that thing all day & I'm fine. It's also much more fun to ride than a cruiser - for me at least anyway.
  20. Heathers 250 Cruiser kills her back after 4 hours,
    She doesn't suffer on the back of the Bird,
    So she has now got a 750 ZR7 Kwaka to see if that fixes her back problem, Sitting upright, If it doesnt, Looks like she will be stuck on the back off the Bird,

    Which will be a shame, as she loves to ride her own bike,