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back packs?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by lord nykon, Jan 9, 2006.

  1. Any suggestions as to what a good backpack is for carrying books to and from school and general riding on the weekends.
    I am wanting some thing comfortable and preferably light
    I am a noobie so as much information as possible would be much appreciated
    positives and negatives please

  2. any old backpack will do.

    However if you are going to carry any kind of weight then you can't go past getting a Ventura Rack and bag or a top box. SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much better and with a topbox you can securely leave your helmet with your bike.
  3. What I like about the ventura racks is that you can remove the top piece and replace it with a small grab bar when you don't need the pack so you don't kill the look of the bike if it is a sporty one.

    I bought the expandable (44L to 55L I think) and I have carried among other things a full slab of Corona's :cool:

    The downside is that they are ludicrously expensive for what they are,
    I paid $370 for the rack, bag and grab bar and that was with a bit of negotiation and a $20 discount :cry:
  4. try checking out wreckers for ventura rack L brackets from your bike should save a few $
  5. ok a ventura rack would be grate but as i am buying my bike and all my gear at once i dont think i could affored one
    if i go to the wreckers are there difrent racks for difrent bikes or is it one size firts all
  6. Model Specific L brackets......small range of sizes for the racks and grab rails. Bags are universal.
  7. Depending on how far you have to travel another option might be to just occy-strap a bag to the pillion seat - I used to ride wearing a backpack (until I got my Ventura bag) but found it just too uncomfortable.
  8. I'd go for the Ventura/Gearsack/top box idea.

    I used to ride with a back pack until I had an accident, and landing on something solid in the backpack causing me some pretty nasty back injuries.

    If you're not carrying too much, tank bags are great too.

  9. I bought the Caribee Persuit bag listed on:


    I don't ride in the wet but I also think it's waterproof. I carry a large plastic bag (the Aussie Disposals plastic bag that I bought it in) so if it rains I cover my goods with the plastic bag.

    The main thing I looked for was the bottom strap so when riding it wouldn't move around and the second think I looked for was not too many straps, so it wouldn't be flapping in the wind.
  10. Yeah tell me about it! $60 a carton is pretty speno. :cool:
  11. If budget is an issue, a backpack is the go... I went to Uni for years with a backpack...

    The only thing to make sure of is that it is definitely waterproof...

    At the moment I am using an actual OEM Kawasaki backpack.... I picked it up for $20 at the MotoGP... it appears to be completely waterproof (hasnt leaked even on rainy days)...

    My wife has a GSX-R bag that she bought from a suzuki dealer and she also paid around the $20 mark.... we shopped around for a while in camping stores and stuff but didnt find anything decent but then found this bag whilst walking through a bike shop...
  12. Hehe, very true but fortunately sir_b paid half but I drank most of them :wink:
  13. $80 for throwover panniers. Seat bolts over them to stop theft of bags, but not theft of what's in them.

    Just don't keep anything valuable in them and you're fine.

    Though in the last 3 years I've had them, I've yet to have had anything stolen from them. (Then again, I don't keep anything valuable in it once I'm away from bike).

    I hate wearing a backpack. Only just put up with the camelbak.
  14. Something i have bought which is great for the security of your back pack & contents is a Pac-Safe net.

    Basically its a metal high tensil steel mesh bag which you put over your pack and lock to your bike...I pull up, lock my jacket gloves etc into my pack, put this on and walk.

    It packs down into a small wallet which you carry in your storage, very cool ;)

    You can get em at Gowings for about $80

    Ps watch the metal on your paintwork though!
  15. Just one other thought.....while a big ventura bag is ideal for carrying stuff on the bike...they suck arse when you are lugging them around espeically with a helmet and your other gear. The smaller ones might be easier to handle but then if you aren't buying a ventura rack brand new you are probably going to be looking for another brand of bag thats a little cheaper anyway.

    Your best options are to get a topbox so you can pull any old backpack out of it and then lock your gear in it. Or strap the backpack to a ventura rack or your original idea of just throwing any old backpack on your back.
  16. You can also fit a backpack in a Ventura bag though (if it's the right size) - no different to a top box in that regard really.