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Back on two wheels

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by bly, Apr 24, 2007.

  1. Haven't been on a bike for oh about 25 years... picking up a new Ducati Sport 1000 on saturday and in the words of the late great Big Kev.
    I'm excited.
    Last bike I had/rode was a 1974ish Gt750.
    Took one look at the new Sport 1000 and thought YES thats a real bike with style.. just like my old bike.

    So I'm back. Will probably take a week or two to get in the groove again so if you see an old bloke wobbling around give a wave.. :wink:
  2. Ducati Sport 1000...awesome!!

    25 years?? what have you been doing! you have a lot to catching up to do, get back out there and have a blast! :grin:

    welcome back to life on 2 wheels. :p
  3. That's cool.
    In fact, that's the coolest bike on the planet. May you have many great rides, and welcome to the forums, o man of great taste and style :)
  4. thanks for the warm welcome... er what've I been doing?
    hmm breeding, working, lots of boring poo like that

    about time for something a bit more fun than a station wagon..

    she who must be obeyed isn't ALL that amused but a sunday blast up the old putty road should make her see the light
  5. welcome....
  6. Good work!!!

    Nice choice of bike too. Does it Jingle( dry clutch)????
  7. Nice bike to start again on.

    Wayyyy too nice in fact. :mad:

    Good luck with it and have fun.
  8. nah supposed to have a wet clutch... though took a GT for a test and the clutch felt as stiff as the old one/ :oops:

    soon get a muscly left wrist though I' imagine
  9. HAT_TE1.

    :grin: :LOL: Good job & decision Bly.

  10. Welcome

    Nice choice, bit of difference to the old Waterbottle :cool:
  11. I would be too!!! DAYUM!
    Awesome choice in bike. You get a hardon when you gave it your first ride?
    Its thats perfect mix of fear and arousal...kinda like a first date.

    We need more Ducati riders. I love the harmonics that you can hear when you get 2 Ducatis riding next to eachother. Music to my ears.

    And welcome from a fellow Newbie!

  12. Welcome to Netrider, bly. Have fun out there :grin:

    Your avatar looks cool, I assume that's you ~ the Ducati is quite an upgrade judging by that pic :wink:
  13. no waterbottle Toey a duke, will post a pic i found of it
  14. nah Fuz it's some ducati nerd off their website hehe

    this is me many moons ago.... you can see how happy a big old duke can make a kid :grin: when it was running that is

  15. Hee, bet that photo takes you back :grin:

    Had a quick look in a book I have here containing lots of pics and info about older bikes. Found your 750GT, says it was Ducati's first V-twin and came out in '71. That sound about right?

    I have a thing for old bikes since I sat with my Dad and listened to him reminisce about his bikes: Excelsior, Matchless etc. He's 80 now, so we're talking waaay back.

    Oh, nice hair btw :wink:
  16. Welcome, bly. That bike and that photo stirs some memories; I think I might have seen you around some race meetings at Amaroo and Oran Park in the 70s - 80s?

    Anyway, if you're planning a run up the Putty, make sure to mention it, some of us love that road (learned to ride on it myself) and don't need a good excuse :).
  17. thanks Hornet sounds sweet

    once I get my training wheels off the new beastie I'll be looking for a good long twisty road or two :cool:
  18. wow thats awesome.... guess u got bit by the bug again....

    welcome back... and enjoy the Duc ... love those bikes...

  19. Hello bly and welcome to the forums.

    I had my first ride on a Ducati as a pillion on the spur 2 days ago and I'm still grinning. :grin: What a bike. :cool:

    Red :grin:
  20. anytime you want company pm me couple of days before and i am there!